Pacific: Racial Slur Redux

Pacific has cancelled its volleyball game in Provo. The reason: the Duke racial slurs that never were.

My question is why especially since Pacific hosted BYU earlier this year. I figure that Pacific knows it will lose and wants to save on the travel expenses.

I think BYU should petition the NCAA to force them to play or give them the ax and cancel all their games from all their teams. Enough is enough. They should also sue Duke and the girls as well. Put an end to this.

Bingo and spineless. The day that Wokeness entered sports is the day that sports begun dying.

What is disgusting about this is that there is no evidence that the so called slur happened. Even if it had happened it was one person and the actions of one person doesn’t indict an entire institution
and the church that sponsors it.

This whole woke thing is a cancer that is destroying the institutions of higher learning. They have become indoctrination centers and only one viewpoint is tolerated. It is also a plague in entertainment and in the mainstream media. Most people are not in line with whokeness but are afraid to stand up to it.

Bingo. By the end of today, The nation will witness what happens when you silence the majority. The poles can’t be trusted because Wokeness guarantees good people on both sides, the middle will keep their mouths shut and just vole.

100x’s more insidious than a racial slur is the accusation of a innocent party. It cannot be defended.

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And, BYU won’t recognize this as pure defamation of Character of the school, church and every person in both institutions. Sue Duke and the other schools that perpetuate this lie for $100 million from each school and shut them up. Use their own methods against them.