Pacific Tigers what are the chances?

That they make a game of it tonight? Not very good I’m guessing. I think they are a better team than they have shown but they are just above Portland in the standings, at #9 of 10 teams.

This is an opportunity for Baxter to show coach that he is ready.

Earlier this season, Baxter said he wasn’t ready. That means he really wasn’t. I don’t know if he’s ready now.

First half closer than it should be and I’m trying to figure out why the score is so close. I have a couple of ideas.

TJ seems too concerned about getting points when he can focus on doing things that help the team win without scoring. The final play of the half was run for him and he missed the shot. That is on Rose. He doesn’t have to score 15 points for BYU to win.
Emery isn’t doing much which creates more problems in this same area. They are both used to scoring points and it is bothering them that they haven’t so far.
Baxter looks ready to play so he must have had a good practice because that is how you show you are ready.
If anyone has thoughts on why the score is so close I would like to hear those, it feels like BYU should be up 10 and they are only up 3.

And I can’t wait for Luke’s halftime interview. I heard that he has played in 125 games for BYU, which is really unbelievable for a guy that doesn’t belong on the court playing D 1 ball.

Luke is a really good guy. Apparently he is a great leader as well. As a person he seems like a fantastic individual. I am glad that he sets a great example and he comes from a good family.

He is just not a very good basketball player.

Lastly, I have a good friend by the name of Larry Ready. Nobody could ever tell him that he wasn’t ready. He was ALWAYS ready.

Pacific has a 1 point lead with less than 10 minutes to go in the game. I don’t like the feel of this game, hopefully BYU will catch some fire here and put some distance between the Tigers.

Nick with a brick that drops in, 4 point lead with 8 minutes to go.

Under 3 minutes to go and Pacific is doing what they do, rolling over and losing the game. BYU can’t make free throws, Luke is scoring on putbacks and Pacific can’t hit anything so they are giving up on winning the game. Lucky for BYU it is Pacific and not someone else.

They have been forrtunate and should pull this one out.

Please don’t embarrass yourselves at the end with sloppy play.

The Cougars need to win next week at San Diego, because they will probably lose at LMU and for sure at Zaga.Hopefully we can beat San Diego at home too.

Haws really pressed his shot tonight, just too impatient. Same with Emery but in the end, when it counted. Haws and Emery were looking for each other and sealed the deal.

The real star tonight was Harding. He made a statement out there. “I don’t like being benched”. Timely 3s and aggressive to the basket.

Saw the picture of the Worthington family, and Luke’s bride. Take back everything I said about him in the past. Worthington has skills…just not on the court.

Pacific’s Gallinat was a NBA’s Harding punk out there, throwing arms, legs, jumping into players. That garbage will get players hurt.

Childs had better work on the FTs, bricks, all 5 of them. And those 3s. just don’t do it.

Poor Free Throws and rushed 3s made an easy win into a nail biter.

He did what I expected. Good thing Worthington came in and got those rebounds and made the tough shots he did and dove for the loose ball. What do you think Mr. McCoy :slight_smile:

Mr. Hatfield

I always say it’s about missed layups and free throws. Tonight the layups went in. Worthington came up with big plays. That overcame the missed free throws.

I think Pacific’s smart game plan was to give Yoeli open outside shots. They weren’t falling and our best rebounder spent a lot of time outside of the paint. Good thing we showed just enough grit to win.

I want to give credit to Luke. His dive for the loose ball and two baskets in crunch time were big. I never was against him in any way. I just always thought he should be used like he was yesterday - as a back up big with limited minutes. His O Reb and putback with 2-3 minutes left was awesome. Yes, I realize it was against the 9th place team in the WCC who had very little size.

GBax was quiet but I thought pretty efficient with a few nice hoops. I’m still blown away that GBax is half black.

I enjoyed this article and his mother is awesome.

yes, he surprised me too. Baxter on the other hand had a solid game. They really scouted him and slowed his scoring, which was what I thought would happen, but just how many drives did not occur just because Baxt was in the game? And to be fair, how many Offensive boards did Pacific get when Baxt was not in the game.
13 is a ton, and that kept Pacific in the game.

You guys are too nice. Luke gets way too much credit and Rose has a man crush on him for whatever reason. Why can’t we be honest around here?

I’m not afraid to say it and I have no problem with anyone who disagrees with me. Luke is not a very good basketball player. Yeah he dove for a loose ball and scored a couple of inside layups but the guy is 6’10" tall and has never dunked in a game. He typically throws brick hook shots at the basket, has no finesse and hacks opponents so much that he frequently gets flagrant foul calls. He gets beat on defense regularly. Any decent big man totally owns him.

It’s all okay because he is a good guy and BYU basketball is all about being good guys and striving for celestial kingdoms, not basketball greatness.

Luke only played better against worse teams we face. Against Zags. smc, Nevada, etc - he did nothing. I do agree by looking at his career stats.

Gavin Baxter

Gavin played more than Luke did in his 1st year and current season. Gavin was more productive and his long wings span. He dunks, blocks and 3’s that Luke didn’t do. Anyway, enough about Luke which it is his last year playing at the Y.

Give him credit when credit is due. The 3 big plays happened in a critical time in the game. Nice to have that off the bench.

Hawks, imagine That instead of posting that, you had texted it to me. I would have responded with a thumbs up, a fist bump emoji, and money sign emoji.

I know it is difficult for some people to understand but I have nothing against Luke W. I have said it many times that I imagine he is a great guy and I mean that in all sincerity.

Likewise he is not a very good basketball player. I don’t know how or why he is playing D-1 basketball for a program like BYU, that is supposed to be better than average. In four years I have seen nothing to make me think differently. He will likely be very successful in all aspects of his life going forward, except playing basketball.

He has a great future ahead of him in real life and rec league basketball.

You mean he will be successful coaching D1 Basketball?