Pack 12 whiffs on TV money and how it affects BYU

(CU Buffs fans wary of Pac-12's future. "We all feel it slipping away.")

All eyes on Wash and Oregon.

In the words of Jerry Seinfeld, “that’s a shame!”

i heard on sports last night that utah is hoping for a big 10 invite in a couple of years.

one reason for their new NIL deal.

That is laughable. Utah has no fan base outside of Utah and the P12. Am I missing something?
Big 10 you say? more like Big 12.

On a larger platform. Big 12 not only should pick up the 4 corner schools (Az schools, Utah and Co.) but they should get more partners for Cinn and W Va and be come a true competitor of the SEC/Big 10. This arms war feels like either jump now or get left in the dust.

I know BSU and Gonzaga want to land in the Big 12. National brand but the travel would kill you, just ask how USC/UCLA feel about the travel

It was PK on Kutv Sport talk saying this. Although I dislike most of his comments, he does have an in with Utah (good friends with KWhitt).

If the big 12 added enough teams from the P12 and ACC, That would alleviate the travel issue. Western teams could stay out west and eastern teams play each other, with maybe 1 or 2 long travel games.