Pass interference touchdown

Utah is like Michigan, they grab and hold and get away with it cause the refs won’t call anything.
This game is over. I don’t even want to watch.

The officials were instrumental in helping Utah out to the big lead. If not for that BYU could very well have finished off the comeback as Utah’s offense was putrid.

Their defense wasn’t that good either. But, in reality, the officials made 3 bad calls in the 1st quarter, but, the lead was generated by poorly thrown passes and fumbles. Both the passes and fumbles were brought on by poor play calling and the decision to have running backs in the game at t eh beginning that had no business there at the beginning of the game.
Bowl games are partly for those who got the team there in the first place. Why put Canada in that position? Brown, Hine and others deserved to be running the ball.
And, too much passing in the beginning. Ugh…goodny Anae

I agree. The Utah defense did just enough to help their team win the game. They actually didn’t play a great game. It was the offense for Utah that was bad. I actually couldn’t believe they were as bad as they appeared. BYU had a good defense but Utah made them look really good.