Peavler: BYU and Utah would both be better off with the football rivalry back - 25 Feb


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To me, this is what college football is about. I want the state’s Super Bowl back.

I’m glad to hear that you think BOTH parties would be benefited. Utah’s arrogance in thinking that they are in the cat bird seat in this situation is out of touch with reality. Truth is they can benefit from the so call easy win (as they think) in bettering their record towards a bowl game. (seeing they have only gone to one bowl game in four years). But money is the key. Utah would come begging for a game with BYU and AT THE END OF THE SEASON, if they knew that they could make millions on the game. So I say come up with a pot by whatever means, so that the winner makes money and lets get this show on the road. I’d like to see the good ole days (and they will return) when BYU kicks Utah’s snooty rear-end in a football game.

So you want a wager between the two schools, winner gets more money? I just hope they play us again, we need as many of the P5 games in provo as we can. It’s te best way for us to catch up to their program, get back to playing then each year and hope we can win more than we lose, something many of our fans took for granite in the 80’s and early 90’s.