Pelosi wants to destroy history

Nancy Pelosi is cowtowing to the BLM and the far left Marxist by tearing down confederate monuments and statues. There’s a long standing Jewish statement, “Never again, Never again!” What does this mean? In Germany, the Jews have demanded not to tear down the the concentration camps so the world will never forget so that it won’t happen again.
Pelosi and many others are willing to destroy our bad history because they think that will help against racism. But, it will come back because the youth today will not know about racism and will fall back into it. That’s because in the end, the leftist Democrats want to put people back into slavery. Any thoughts, comments?

Pelosi, and her ilk, does not care about anything except tearing down the USA, as a representative republic, and establishing the USA as a socialist, then communist dictatorship. And any and all battering rams to accomplish her goal is fine and dandy.

If this nonsense goes on longer, will Trump need to call for Marshall Law and take over the about 30 cities with lawlessness going on starting with Seattle?

Nobody talks much about the fact that liberal left controlled cities are the worst as far as being disaster zones in relation to crime, poverty, joblessness, etc. All these are forms of modern day slavery as they promise the people who live there hope, etc. and deliver nothing.

I can’t understand why more people don’t see that, particularly those that are victimized by their social programs.

the Liberal Democratic leadership (not all democrats are liberal nor bad) won’t talk about it because it sheds a light on their failed policies, so they deflect by pointing the finger at another “Cause”. Which pretty much what Hitler did before WWII with the Germans, the reason they were suffering was because of the Jews, not the fact that Germany caused WWI and was paying the price for it.

I see conservative talking heads speak about it, but I have not seen any Republican “Politician” speaking about it.

What I do find interesting is that under Obama, no money flowed into the inner city to rebuild the infrastructure which is a floor plan of helping inner city minorities getting a better chance. Much to the chagrin of many Republicans, Trump worked with the democrats to get funding for infrastructure of the inner cities for the first time in decades.

And yet, the democrats and media attacks Trump as being racist.

Pick up the book “White Shaming” by Shelby Steele. He explains what happened in 1964 why the Democrats finally passed the civil rights act and Johnson signed it. We see it today and the sad part is Republicans and BYU are falling into the same trap. There was a video by BYU football players played on BYU Sports Nation yesterday supporting BLM. It’s not about racism, but about systemic racism which doesn’t exist in America. Doctor Steele explains it. It’s all about getting white Americans to feel ashamed of the past in which we had nothing to do with it so we will give them for free things. And it’s the Democrats who take responsibility for getting whites to do this so Democrats get the black support. You will see a shift in Utah towards Democrats in the subsequent elections even in Provo. Shelby Steele explains it better than I do.
All this leads to more Democrat welfare and free programs so blacks will vote heavily against Republicans. The only one who has stood up to this has been President Trump. It’s why he’s called a racist. His programs have helped build a way for blacks to help themselves out of poverty. Bringing back manufacturing jobs for instance. But several other programs as well. By the way, you can see an interview Steele did on last Sunday’s Mark Levin show on Fox. Just google Mark Levin’s interview of Shelby Steele (he’s black and a democrat).

Most of what Trump did was in the first 2 years when he had control of Congress. The reason why the Democrats attacked him so much was they knew he could get the black vote back. Without the black vote, Democrats can’t win. And the sick thing is black Democrats try to white shame Trump and all whites to stay in power. Republicans don’t know how to combat this so they end up apologizing for being white too and bow down to the new task masters, BLM. Unfortunately, most blacks don’t follow BLM. But dumb whites do. Drew breeze is a perfect example. He cow towed to BLM so he could keep his job. So are CEO’s of many corporations as well. Look what happened to that UCLA professor who was fired for making all students take his final exam and not allowing black students to miss it so they could go protest and destroy buildings. It’s already spreading to BYU. Can it be stopped? Republicans are too weak. Trump isn’t but he’s really not a normal Republican.

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I was responding to Jcoug and for whatever reason it posted as though I was responding to Floyd. So, I deleted that one and put it under Jcoug

It’s a game that almost all of the politicians (dem and rep) are playing. They hate Trump because he upsets the apple cart and does things different than how they want to do it. He actually wants to help the people to better themselves with jobs and accountability. Politicians want to make people dependent so they can keep their jobs and power. They don’t really care about people honestly. Neither does the media. All they care about is sensationalizing everything and creating chaos and strife. Money is the underlying reason for both politicians and media, the deceivers, liars and propagandizers (new word) in our society.

Jcoug hits the nail on the head, like usual.

Money, power and egos.