Pepperdine back to back games

Pepperdine took Pacific to the woodshed. Edwards had 37 and 11 boards. WOW!
11 assists for Ross. They were leading by 25 in that game. They certainly started the year hot, playing even with ranked UCLA and beating a good Cal team. I’m calling our road game with Pepperdine a TRAP game.

BYU is tailor made for a Pepperdine team. We have several guys that can guard Edwards out at the 3, where he does plenty of damage, shooting 43%. And he ain’t gettin 11 rebounds on BYU’s big men. Not a chance.
Colbey Ross will have Rottweiler Barcello locked on him.all night, And if we need to, our secret PG weapon, George.
Their 3rd best player, Polk Jr. is 5’9. Perfect for Averette.
You can bet Pope is going to CHEW on players for letting Portland have all those open 3s at our house
We will feed the big men all night. Typical WCC game,
BYU by 10, 79-69

On the road, we will have our hands full if we play like the start of the Portland game and let them have open 3s. Portland hit their first 5 3s.

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