Pepperdine Coach on BYUSN

I was really impressed with Pepperdine Head Basketball Coach Mary Wilson today. Not only is he articulate and apparently very smart, but he was very respectful to the hosts and of BYU basketball. I was very impressed of his knowledge of BYU HC Dave Rose and the Marty/Tyler Haws family and Tyler’s younger brother. He reminded me of friends I had in Wisconsin whose father worked with me and his kids were playing sports at a rival high school. I.E.,
good friends and trustworthy. I am really interested to see how the BYU-Pepperdine basketball game goes tonight.
To me I now already respect coach Wilson and look for a good game between two good teams.

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I was meaning to express, and I know that I typed it into my post but it didn’t show up on the final post, that Wilson was very impressive on BYUSN today and very articulate, very knowledgeable of the game and of BYU basketball and very respectful and personable to the BYUSN hosts. I feel like BYU will be playing a good friend already, albeit
a rival in a different league than the MWC. and WAC. I guess its blue vs. orange rather than blue vs. red.

Well I guess what I originally wrote on my first post and the second post did show up on the initial post. I either didn’t see it at first or it wasn’t there initially. I am still learning about this “new” Board. Soorry!

Marty Wilson played basketball here in Ventura County in high school. I think he was all-cif and the county player of the year. My brother played with him in a county all star game around 1984 or so.

He was a good player and I think he actually played at Pepperdine in college for Jim Harrick, who happens to be lds. Wilson probably knows a lot of mormons…