Pepperdine game, can BYU beat the Waves

I don’t have inside info. The three people on this board who have the real scoop are:

  1. My brother Tom. He has a source deep in the Athletic Dept that feeds him excellent info. Unfortunately, both Tom and his source have a lot of character so nothing gets inappropriately barfed out.

  2. Fish. He is friends with many high up at BYU. I think he’s close friends with a big donor or a coach. Fish has access most of us can only dream of.

  3. KC Black. He always had something confidential he’d learn from his source. KC hasn’t been seen for a while on this board.

KC got caught up in the women’s movement or immigration or LGBT. Hopefully he’s managing to stay active.

So Fish, you have the inside scoop on things. What is it with Hardnett’s finger? You must know.