Pepperdine Game same thing again

First half typical. Get a lead and then go to sleep. We need to play a lot tougher defense. And, we need to move the ball. We got ankead and then went to sleep.

I’d like us to start faster. It’s easier if the other team doesn’t believe.

Consistency. Why can’t we be consistent?

Also, Worthington is off. He’s out of position.

And they’re just out hustling us. That transition dunk was pathetic defense

This team is not fun to watch. So much talent and potential that just never gels or develops to the point of being a good team.

They are average at best.

Two overtime game against horrible teams. Embarrassing.

You’re frustrated… I get it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Don’t know what it is. Here’s my guesses:

  1. Young team
  2. Gets sloppy
  3. Gets lazy
  4. Too unselfish at times. Bryant had another layup he passed out to someone who missed.

Here’s the good:

  1. They don’t quit

USD will be a tough game if Childs can’t play. And, I think he should sit. Take no chance. The WCC tournament is the most important thing for Childs to be ready for.

Actually, they are fun to watch. They have good players. They are just frustrating to watch because they can’t quite get double digit leads.