Playing FCS Teams

No matter what the reason is, Just say No to playing FCS teams.
No matter how much we THINK we need an additional win, Just say No to playing FCS teams.

The fans don’t like it. AP does not like it. Coaches polls do not like it. Saragin does not like it.
Fan polls do not like it.

Ticket buyers do not like it. TV audiences do not like it. Bars and restaurants will not show it.

The is no pride in winning a game like this. There is shame for allowing them to score even once against us. There is nothing good that comes from a game like this. We lose respect from others playing a game like this. If we have any decency, we should have no self respect playing a game like this. Just Say No !!!

If we need to play a FCS team in order to play a team like Missouri, we will have more respect not playing the team like missouri and thus avoiding the humiliation of shoving around a helpless team like winless 7-0 very poor FCS team that is not as good as the Southern League High School team that I played on.

If we are no better than the teams we play, then what does it say about us when we play FCS teams. Whom do we think we are kidding. Sports fan are not stupid. We gain no respect and we lose a lot of respect when BYU plays a FCS team.

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