Please Contrast Running Styles/ Abilities

While both powerful runners, Allgeier seems to have more patience and wait that extra second for the path to open up than McChesney. Is it my imagination?

We haven’t seen enough of McChesney to really know. He had the one game of 200 yards but that’s pretty much it. I’d like to see him play ahead of Katoa. He’s also one that we can run outside as well.

Based on Saturday’s game I think you are correct. On Allgeier’s touchdown run I commented to my wife about his patience finding daylight to run to. I think that is a talent that can be learned with playing time.

McChesney is actually faster than Allgeirs. But, he hasn’t developed the ability to run through tackles. That’s Katoa’s problem as well. That’s a lot about more work in the weight room and also stay low and drive more. Something that happens when you are patient to hit the holes.