Please help support this family in need

troll much?

I have to admit, I found this pretty disgusting. But lately the go fund me has turned into “I want this, help me get this” type of site. But obviously I’m in the minority as people give money to these things all the time, including this one to buy a new Apple laptop.

I have an aunt who hit a rough spot last year and used go fund me to ask for help. She had lost her job when the college bookstore she worked at closed and honestly needed a little help. If anything, I felt bad that I couldn’t donate more to her at the time. She was there for me as a kid and I had no problem helping her a little. I am glad to report that she is back on her feet and the little money she raised helped her meet her needs while she found a new job.

Now I think I should start a go fund me for that boob job that I have always wanted my wife to get. Any takers?

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Only if you post before and after shots. We need to know we got you our money’s worth.