Please let Pope Be The Man!

Here is an article; one would think Travis Hansen is inside my head, because he’s saying EXACTLY what I’ve been telling anyone who will listen:

Note the tweet from Rick Pitino. The ONLY reason we have a shot at Pope is because he is relatively new to the D1 landscape. I say one more good year at UVU and he’s gone to a P5 program and it’s goodbye forever. So I’m really hoping Holmoe hires him now.

It’s up to Pope, isn’t it?

Mark Pope got an extension. If he does go to BYU, what about the buy out contract?

Of course. They are hoping to keep him. He’s the best choice.

Boisecougar’s choices, in order:

  • Norm Parrish
  • Barrett Peery
  • Kevin Young
  • Mark Pope
  • Quincy Lewis

Each has strengths. Pope and Lewis are the safe bets and it will probably be one of the two.

Tell us more about Norm Parrish and Barrett Peery.

I see that Parrish had success at Salt Lake Community College and as an assistant at Utah and now is the HC at Division Westminister.

Yes, I forgot about Peery, he is HC at Portland State. He seems to be more experienced than Norm Parrish as a HC in Division I. Peery had experience as HC at JC Southern Idaho and at Southern Utah and Snow College. It seems to me that all five of the candidates that you mentioned are good for the BYU job. How did you pick Parrish over Peery? Was it based on Parrish’s great HC experience and results at Salt Lake Community College?

Parrish simply because of experience. I have heard Peery is a great recruiter, however.

I have it on good authority that Parrish wasn’t interviewed. As the week has gone on, I’ve become a Mark Madsen fan. Crazy since he wasn’t even among my top 5 last week.

Probably between Pope and Madsen. It really sounds like Madsen wants the job. Not sure about Pope. He has a head coaching job and he will be hounded by other schools with more money.

He shoots-He scores. Larimer knew all along. I kinda knew but was not sworn to secrecy. Popes boosters bought out Rose’s contract and the transfer from UVU.

Pope’s philosophy of recruiting internationally is music to my ears.

How do you know Pope’s boosters bought out Rose’s contract? I’ll believe Rose’s reasons he left rather than some lame conspiracy.