Poll Watch Top Ten?

BYU should be in the top 10 as of tomorrow.
Why? are they that good? still haven’t put together a complete game. Still rancid Strength of Schedule.
But still winning.
And higher ranked teams still losing.
BYU ranked 13th. probably moving up.
Ole Miss ranked 12th lose badly to Bama
No 10 ranked Florida Gators lose to unranked but undefeated Kentucky
No 9 fighting irish lose to no 7 cincinatti go bearcats…
No 8 Arkansas loses big to no 2 Georgia.
No 3 Ducks lose to unranked Stanford…how far will they fall?

BYU should pass Ole Miss, Florida
maybe Irish
probably Arkansas

So probably no 10…
Not bad for putting together two straight seasons of solid ball.

I agree. They move up 2 spots for sure and maybe 3. Still hope our D can put together a complete game. Of course I still fear our ability to lose to a team we shouldn’t. WSU?

Watched both the WSU and Baylor games. WSU looks improved but still no real ground attack. When teams are single dimensional, they get beat. I would say that their QB and offense would be close to what USU gave us.

Baylor finally played a good OSU team and was shut down. The odds when they were undefeated was Baylor 64% but I would think that those odds have shifted especially if BYU gets Hall and/or Romney back.

BSU just got beat on the smurf turf by a good Nev team- not a great Nev team. They have issues.

At this point in the season, it all boils down to if Hall or Romney can go. Conover settled down as the USU game wore on and should be light years better if his name is called but we would lose some if he is the starter.

My worry is that BYU will go ultra conservative to protect the #10 ranking and as a result, lose a game they should easily win. I hope not.

Arizona St. looked good beating UCLA last night. It sounds weird but I hope Utah makes a good showing vs. USC. Anything the teams we beat can do to make themselves look better is good for BYU.

From what I have seen so far this year there are two teams that are truly in a class by themselves and they are among the usual suspects; Georgia and Alabama. Everybody else is vulnerable. Georgia State is probably a worse team than South Florida and they should have beaten Auburn. Their coach thought the SEC refs hosed them and he was probably right. Honestly BYU’s performance against South Florida wasn’t good but they were never in any real danger of losing. I watched a real good Fresno team struggled against UNLV and trail almost the entire game. I know a few people were real upset about the South Florida game but at least it was a win and in my opinion the game wasn’t as close as the scores indicates The key is keep winning even when you don’t look good winning because nobody outside Alabama and Georgia appears to be a real contender right now. There are a lot of good teams that could lose to 30-40 other teams on any given day but two who have separated themselves from the rest.

Some thoughts on BYU:

  1. Some people were concerned when Grimes and Mateos left. Roderick has done a great job in my opinion and the new O-line coach appears to be as good as any BYU has had. The O-line is as good as any in my memory and even with a few starters out they dominate.

  2. There have been a rash of injuries but the depth is better than it has been in my memory and I have been following BYU since the early 60s.

  3. Every single game left is winnable but at least 5 of the remaining 7 games are losable and even Georgia Southern could be dicey on the road given what BYU showed against South Florida. All the deep south teams have athletes and you better be ready to play even when they don’t appear to be very good.

  4. Hall is a great athlete but Baylor Romney is an even better QB than I remember him being in 2019. He has good arm strength, touch, can make all the throws, and makes good decisions. I think both Hall and Romney are winners. Conover just needs more experience but I hope he doesn’t get it this year because I hope both Hall and Romney get healthy real fast. They are both outstanding and I can see why the competition was intense and it was a tough decision picking a starter.

  5. Outside ASU I don’t know if BYU has beaten anybody that is any good. Utah and USU both may be good. We know Arizona is probably one of the worst P5 teams in the country and South Florida is not good at all.

  6. BYU has controlled all the games they have had this year but hasn’t dominated anybody. They appear to play well enough to win somewhat comfortably but haven’t been able to put anybody away yet. They get out to big leads and then let teams get close and then they close them out.

As usual that about sums it up. As always, very accurate.

Tailback from Conover’s HS team married one of my besties’ daughter. He said that Conover was the best QB in Az. that year, including the starting QB for Oklahoma, Spencer Rattler, also a Az recruit. He reminds some of Wilson when he was a Fr.

Word is that Hall wanted to play in the USF and USU game but team doctors felt it was best to rest him and his cracked ribs. Romney is game day decision.

Aro, one thing we have neglected to talk about is the fact that BYU is pathetic on 3rd and 4th down defenses. For some reason, Tuiaki will blitz on earlyy downs but even average QBs are picking us apart when we play prevent Dfense. That is the single stat that will determine close games.

We can’t put teams away or dominate them if they have the ball so much. This speaks to our inability to stop teams on 3rd down–Tuiaki is simply afraid to blitz when it makes the most sense to do so. These days any good to average QB can complete 65% of his passes overall, and that includes attempts when he is “pressured,” so I think there is a 70% chance a QB will complete a pass against our 3-8 on any down, including third down–and that’s exactly what has happened, so we just can’t get other teams off the field. It drives us CRAZY watching it on TV, and I just hope that Kalani’s frustration is bigger than his blind spot for his best friend Tuiaki. So far it has not been the case and if it doesn’t change it could cost us some games. We could very easily have lost to ASU and USU, and I never felt even the USF game was in hand, because we could NOT stop them for 3 quarters and it was a one score game–fortunately Allgeier and the OL took it on themselves to burn the last 6 minutes of the game, because if USF got the ball back I don’t think any of us were confident we could stop them when they basically dominated for 3 quarters.

I would be shocked at the end of the year if Tuikai’s 3-8 defense has not caused one or 2 losses. Does Sitaki really have such large blinders on that he does not see that danger? If the blinders really are that large, Sitaki is a good HC, not a great HC.

How do we know that the 3-8 defense isn’t Sataki’s? I think with the improved recruiting with defensive backs, we don’t have to run the 3-8 defense so much.

This is one of the pitfalls of hiring someone who is a close friend, assuming here that this is the case. The blinders are larger than normal and it can be paralyzing as a head coach. He has to know…

Someone needs to shake Tuiaki up a little and hope that he is listening. As long as BYU is winning that will be tough to do.

By the way, glad to see you are sticking around.