Polygamy being decriminalized in Utah?

So, the Utah Senate has passed the bill to decriminalize polygamy? Is this true Utahns? Here we go! Liberals never thought this would come back because of their push to legalize gay marriage and marijuana. But, her we go! Ironic it’s in Utah… But coming to the rest of the country soon.

No, they took it from being a felony to misdemeanor.

There is still rules for polygamy being between two consulting adults.

BTW, the bill sponsor is GOP.

So it’s worse in Utah than I thought. It is a purple state. Dems going crazy and Rep going coconuts :joy:

Sounds more like it will be like a traffic ticket. This will move to other states. Think the Church will reinstate it?

I am not opposed to, or in favor of polygamy, but I certainly have no desire to be a part of it. I am only opposed to it on the basis of it being illegal. It certainly would not be immoral if it was legal. What is immoral is having multiple sex partners outside of marriage, or even one sex partner outside of marriage and by marriage I mean marriage in the traditional sense of a man being legally married to a woman.

If polygamy is fully legalized you can certainly put that on the liberals. They opened the door when they decided it was legitimate to redefine marriage in a legal sense. Once you open the door then there is a steady progression to the point where a principle no longer has any meaning. Why can’t three men be married, or three women, or 2 men and three women all be a part of one marriage, why can’t somebody marry their pet duck, dog, cat, or horse. I think the liberals tolerance will be sorely tested when it comes to polygamy. They are fine with setting boundaries within the parameters of their own silly political correctness but not on the basis of anything outside of their worldview.

No, There would be too many mother-in-laws! :open_mouth:

Sorry, could not resist, reminded me of a joke I heard once:

Do you know why the President Woodruff stopped Plural Marriage? Too many mother-in-laws!

Excellently written! Well done :thinking:

:joy: Aro has some excellent points.

Not sure it is a “Liberal” vs “Conservative” issue. Polygamy has been around since at least Abraham that I know about. The current culture of Polygamy is no where near what the “religious” practices (as laid out in the scripture). It is still practiced in some areas of the planet.

Personally, I don’t care if two consenting adults (over the age of 18 and neither is compelled to marry) decides it is okay to enter into Polygamy, why should it affect me?

Now if they are like that dude in Southern Utah (think his name was Green) being a polygamist and soaking the Welfare system to support his family, then I would have issues with that.

But I actually like some of the points your bring out. If this becomes legal, then “what’s next”?

I did hear a quote or comment the other day, it goes something like this:

In the last days, there is going to be a lot of bad things happening, but as we are taught in the BOM, we should not be worrying about these bad things, but focus on the things the Lord is bringing forth.

Sorry, bad paraphrase, but It made a lot of sense to me. “Focus on the Joy you find in the world, not on bad things”.

Come Follow me lesson by two Seminary Teachers :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REeZc1oPxqc

Take a minute to listen to these guys, they are great.

Couple the abuse of the welfare system with the socialist programs the Democrats want to establish and what do you have? Anarchy, extreme poverty and internal country warfare with real bullets and other forms of death and destruction. Brothers against Brothers…
The only good to look for is hope for a quick second coming of the Lord. It’s all coming together because good men do nothing to stop it. We are selling our souls if we think we can make deals with Satan. We are at that paradox where making deals in the middle with progressives (Marxists) ends with one outcome, destruction. We are now truly “On the Eve of Destruction.” :notes:

I wouldn’t call polygamy a liberal or conservative issue either. My point was that liberals were the ones who redefined marriage to include same sex couples and it was only a matter of time before there was a move to legalize polygamy, or at least partially decriminalize it. I think polygamy is still legal in some parts of the world. I don’t think you will see polygamy gain much traction in the U.S.A… I doubt it is a popular cause in the U.S.A. Same sex marriage was legalized because a majority of the public finally accepted it. I would be curious what the Supreme Court would do if polygamy was legalized and then challenged in the courts. The Supremes are supposed to be impartial judges but things often get ruled on based on political pressure regardless of what the Constitution says and then law is created by judicial precedent.

The feminists will scream to the high heavens against polygamy just like they do every time an attempt is made to limit easy access to abortion. Polygamy will not be a popular cause like same sex marriage was.

Polygamy is legal in countries that contain nearly 50% of the human population. And that does not count China where it is not “legal” but is still commonly practiced.

Lots of movies that depict negative abuses. So, it would be a harder sell for polygamists. But, I don’t think it would be a political problem at all. Liberals would get their undies wadded up in a bunch.

More than one branch of the National Organization for Women has come out in the past as for polygamy because of the freedom it gives women, both from their children and to choose a man they want instead of just a man that happens to be available.

Several African countries have even made it legal for a woman to have more than one husband in the name of female equal rights…

I totally agree with Aro. Excellent points.

Unrelated, here is a snippet of what we deal with here in the Northwest. Check out this nutty lady singing at a Seattle City Council meeting.

That is wonderful…complete wacko…Seattle City Council is wacko enough it may well accept her argument though…

“There’s a hole in her head where her brain once was… somebody get a doctor !!!”

I agre GH. I figured the polygamy thing would be the next “social justice” issue to come up after gay marriage. Probably after polygamy will be bestiality, like someone wanting to marry their dog or cat. Although right now we have the “gender identity” so-called issue. If the liberals get their way the gender choices will kill female athletics when the “girls” with male plumbing will take over women’s sports. There was a “baller” self-identified as a female in the women’s U.S. Olympics Marathon Qualification race. If these boys continue to play as girls Title IX may be overthrown. If the liberals get their way I hope that some law suite may make a third category for gender, that is male, female and transgender by themselves.

The problem with a third gender category is that with title 9, more men and women sports would have to be cut at colleges and universities as well at the high schools. There’s only so much money unless the liberals take over the government and print more money for athletics to compensate. This is what happens when societies become secular and forget God.

It is interesting when a large portion of society turns to atheism it loses its rationality to a large degree and yet the atheists claim to be the ones who are more intelligent and rational but yet they back things that are clearly not in keeping with clear rational thinking. I can have some empathy with those struggling with same sex attraction but the solution is not to redefine the behavior as virtuous and redefine marriage to keep from hurting the feelings of those who struggle with the issue and legitimizing a sexual behavior that is clearly immoral, always has been immoral, and will remain immoral.

The Church has never redefined sexual sin they have just softened the rhetoric and taken a more empathetic and hopeful approach toward those struggling with same sex attraction. Any sexual relations outside of traditional marriage are still considered to be sin whether they be adulterous, fornication, or homosexual and by making the choice to indulge in any of them we cut ourselves off from the spirit and deny ourselves access to the temple.