Poor shooting puts BYU in first-half hole against Saint Mary's - 31 Dec

Link: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865644697/Poor-shooting-puts-BYU-in-first-half-hole-against-Saint-Marys.html

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I wish with everything that Scott would read an article like this one and then read the comments from fans. Almost every person who posts something at the end of the article is saying the same things that most of us on this board are saying and the weird thing is that Scott disagrees with it.

He might need a new prescription for his glasses because he just isn’t seeing it apparently, what everyone else is seeing. The TEAM problems are so obvious to most every serious basketball fan and they all say the same things.

Time to fess up and acknowledge the truth Scott. Either you don’t see what is going on out there or you are unwilling to admit it… or both.