Pope Job Prospects

I imagine that with the success of BYU Basketball this year that coach Pope will likely find suitors at a bigger program and a willingness to pay a bunch more than BYU. It would be disappointing to see coach Pope leave after his and the team’s accomplishments this year!

Why are you suggesting he would leave after one year?

A Power 5 program with Power 5 Salary. Not saying he would leave… But if a Pac 12 team came calling???

He’s going to have to prove himself first at BYU that he can recruit and win consistently.

petty much…BYU will never pay coaches what the open market can

I could see Pope going to Kentucky in 2-3 years if/when Calipari retires. Cal is 61 now. Pope played there on a National Championship team in 1996. Kentucky would offer him 2-3x what BYU would pay him. With that said, if Kentucky opens up, there will be countless other guys considered who have amazing track records.

I’ve always said I like Pope, but let’s see how he does next year and the year after when Rose’s recruits are mostly gone.

At our local HS, a new coach came in 5 years ago and inherited a talented team that went 7-2. Then they went 6-3 the next year. In the next three years, they have gone 7-20. It’s definitely not all his fault, but he has proven to be a terrible coach with a lot of players discontinuing playing (like my son) and the program in disarray.

It helps that Pope was coaching at BYU not too long ago as well. I think programs like Kentucky are going to want a seasoned and proven coach as well. In 3-5 years that could be Pope. But, like Lavell and others, they love the university and the lifestyle in Provo and earn plenty of money for happiness and security.