Pope on Baker's injury and lookin forward

Here we sit, dying for someone to take over a game late who can draw fouls and get to the line. Baker has made a living just that. He would be our version of what a CLOSER is. Pope says, we’ll know in 24 hours but I have heard for weeks now that he will redshirt.
Mark Pope Provides Injury Update on Dawson Baker (msn.com)

Looking forward, a team with
Adams Jr.
Chandler , come home for the 2024 season
Mix in a few talented transfers…
would be a significant upgrade from this year.

Does Knell have another year? I thought this is his last year. Next year should be solid as well. It would be nice if Robinson would come back for his Senior year. I think it would improve his stock a lot. Some say he’s a possible 2nd round this year but he could improve his stock to a possible 1st round next year.
Pope wasn’t asked about Adams. He dresses out for the games. Might as well play him.

Here we go…

0-2 and already looking toward next season? Why are we doing this? Because intuitively and realistically speaking you know what I am saying regarding the first two games of Big 12 play spoke volumes about how the rest of the league play will go and there is NOTHING anyone… not Pope, not the players, not the rest of the coaching staff, not Holmoe can do about it.

It’s a sad state of affairs but don’t lose hope. BYU will win a few league games, somehow I hope and the NIT will come calling, based on what they did early in the season and their overall record which will hopefully be above .500 at the end of league play. Sorry to sound negative but I see it more as realistic than negative. I still hope for success and the best possible outcome but I don’t expect it after watching how games will be called when BYU plays.

Oh stop! Just watch the games and enjoy them. Games are dependent upon all factors and not just free throws. Turnovers are as important as making free throws and shooting at least 32 3s a game shooting 38% or better. See, the turnovers often lead to drives to the basket and fouls. Shooting a ton of 3s doesn’t give much of a chance to shoot free throws. So, don’t turn the ball over and make your 3s. Also, don’t brick 2 point shots like layups and 6-8 foot shots too.

You enjoy watching BYU lose? You hate it as much as any of us do so stop yapping about enjoying anything about the first two league games. I will acknowledge that BYU played poorly vs Cincy but not vs Baylor. BYU played a very good game and still lost by 10. How does that bode for the rest of the season? To know you played a good game, got jobbed by the officials, and still lost by 10?

Not well.

One foul at the end that looked like a jump ball. But, on the replays you can see the foul before the tie up. It’s as plain as the nose on your face. The other fouls were legitimate. Their guards were quicker and stronger and we fouled them while we shot 3s. Less chance of fouls shooting 3s than driving the lane. Pretty simple.

So what you are claiming is that it was a perfectly called game. Okay, now I know you are full of it. I won’t dispute any of what you are saying because I don’t want to argue with you. What I will say is that if it was BYU with a small lead and Baylor trying to get that jump ball call, they would have gotten it and at least been given the opportunities to make the game close. BYU won’t get that in this league, mark my word. Whatever reason you want to make up for why is fine with me. All I am saying is that it won’t happen.

Let me help out with some of the reasons you have provided so far, feel free to use them the rest of the way.

  1. BYU isn’t physical enough, the guards don’t draw fouls on drives to the basket.
  2. BYU didn’t shoot at least 38 percent on at least 40 three point attempts.
  3. Johnson bricks too many close shots.
  4. BYU reaches and plays poor defense, fouling on nearly every play.
  5. BYU doesn’t fight through screens and leaves the elite guards of their opponents open shots.
  6. Other teams know how to create contact and draw fouls, BYU doesn’t know how to do that.
  7. BYU has too many turnovers.
  8. BYU bricks their free throws.
  9. Pope doesn’t know how to adjust to the game.
  10. The officials never make a bad call against BYU.

Is that enough or do I need to list more? Honestly it is amazing to me that they have won any games this season and that they are even ranked. With all those built in reasons for why they lose, how in the world do they ever win?

One of the local sports guys said it best: “Being good in the BIG12 is a process of growth, learning and adjustment for both coaches and players.”

Not sure how accurate he is, but it sounds like the truth.

When the four corner schools comes in next year, it will be interesting. In basketball, the BIG12 is the SEC of football.

No game is called perfect. I’ve never said otherwise. Making up stuff. BYU is not a physical team. Except for a couple of players, they are a finesse team on offense. On defense, we play too much with our hands and get reaching fouls and because we are reaching so much, our feat are slow and we get blocking fouls. As I’ve said before, find out early what the refs are looking for and adjust.

We have a winner!!!

A falsehood plucked out of thin air, made up by the Hopper

Got that right, but he is pretty good at preping in practice. he’ll figure it out

no matter how much you prepare, nothing compares to live action and humbling loses. i fear that Sitake and Pope both have poor track records so far. It may be that the combination of 3 years lost due to LDS missions and the honor code will always be a noose.

The X factor is…will LDS-Faith based talent come to BYU now that we can hire top coaches and get NIL money for kids.

Of course I’m a winner.
Watch the game and see how many short shots Johnson misses.

I actually posted his stats for the season. Have a look.

We’ve missed 3 layups in this game. UCF is killing us on their offensive rebounding.

They missed their fair share of shots under the basket too. Is that why they lost?

You are so good at cherry picking the reasons why BYU loses, now do the same for UCF.

I’m not cherry picking. I’m pointing out many other reasons for wins and losses than your misunderstood biased officiating obsession