Pope "supper aggressive" in the Transfer Portal

There’s still volleyball. Maybe some hope there. Can’t remember now the name of one player. He’s a junior. He’s the hardest spiked and server on the team and he gets little playing time. When he comes in he gets the team enthusiastic. Yet, coach doesn’t start him or play him much. I could see him transferring for next year. So, all coaches struggle putting the best athletes on the playing field.
As far as Boise’s commitments, all I called him was and affectionate Utard because he’s trying to cause controversy about our coaches. As a troll would do. Hardly a personal attack.

I find this hard to believe. I offer Hopper a sincere apology, and this is how he reacts. All I can say is let Jesus Christ wipe away all that from your past. He can do this, you know. President Kimball wrote a great book you should read. “The Miracle of Forgiveness.” This will change your life.

But, if you’re still offended, I apologize that my quick funny wit didn’t work. I’ll try harder not to be manipulated in the future.

As for the coaching move, I am not the one who originated the speculation. Many others have commented that Pope is not a BYU guy in the sense that Kalani Sitake is a BYU guy. Pope had the opportunity to sign in 1991 with BYU. He chose Washington instead. He had the opportunity to sign with BYU in 1993 when he transferred. He chose Kentucky instead. Coaching at BYU is not Pope’s dream job. In addition, BYU’s next few years in the Big 12 could be a resume killer. If you thought you were in a dead end job, wouldn’t you leave? Again, those are the thoughts of people closer to the basketball program than I.

As I’ve also mentioned, with one or two great transfers last spring BYU would have had a great season. Pope swung and missed. The quality of transfers has diminished over the years; and as Pope himself pointed out this week, the NIL culture does not make it any easier to get quality transfers to come to BYU. As I previously wrote, if Pope doesn’t resign within three weeks, I’ll admit that I am wrong and take a self-imposed suspension.

One name to keep in mind in case Pope decides to stay in Mark Fox, the ex-basketball head coach at Cal. Fox and he have a history: Fox was one of the assistant coaches at Washington when Pope played there; and when he was the head coach at Georgia, Fox offered Pope his first assistant coaching position. Several rumors also suggest one or more changes for BYU’s assistant head coaches. Kahlil Fennell was a finalist for the McNeese State coaching posistion before ex-LSU head coach Will Wade was hired. In addition, on the second to last BYUTV coach’s show of the season, Pope sounded as if Cody Fueger would be heading elsewhere. (I’ll post the link below if you are interested).

Finally, Hopper, if you are offended by the words I’ve used in my response to you at the beginning of this post, keep in mind that those are the words you’ve used in your “apologies” to me and others in the past. Your “humor” and “what me” approach is very tiring and offensive. Any decent human being is offended by someone using the --tard suffix in descriptions of those they don’t agree with. As one who has relatives who have Down’s Syndrome and autism, I find it difficult to apologize for pointing out your ignorance. If you don’t like my apology that’s your problem, not mine.

You have really fallen off the rails. Have no idea what you are rambling about. But, may God teach you patience. If what you wrote and thoughts in the Temple, please except my apologies and get control of your thoughts.

Hopper, I pity you. I’ve just quoted you. If you want, I’m sure I can find much more. I’m sorry that you don’t like facts or showing that you are wrong.

On behalf of my niece and daughter and every other person in the world who have been treated cruelly because of their mental capacities, I offer my sympathy to you. As you continue to show, not everyone who is an adult is a grown up.

From your actions I have no doubt that as a youth you had no problem in calling someone a retard or in bullying those who felt defenseless. Luckily you and I belong to a church that preaches forgiveness and repentance. Recognize the hurt you inflict, repent, and move on.

To help you on the road to recovery, I offer the following short article that hope will help you gain greater sensitivity:

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Oh good grief! It’s the woke police! Get a grip.

You better not watch football this year. Goodness knows they want people to love one another.

I’m not woke, but concern for others should be the hallmark of everyone.

Woke fits you. No sense of humor. U of U is our rival and we often barter back and forth. Crack jokes and lovingly put each other down for the schools we represent. No one using that term is putting down those with disabilities. We all have family and friends with disabilities. Nowadays, comedians can’t say anything without being censured. Wokeness. Now, lighten up.

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You need to learn from the master, grasshopper.

Next time that you see your friends and relatives with disbillites call them a bunch of retards. I’m sure they’ll understand. They’re used to you.

Mr. Stan, as the father of a child with disabilities and with several extended family members with disabilities - you are taking this way, way over the top. Your carrying-on related to a relatively innocent comment makes you look small and vindictive and not a person whom I want to read a post from. This coming from me who is not a fan of hopper. Perhaps it is you who needs to take a forgiveness pill.

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As I read your last post a little more closely, Hopper, I am struck with how easily you minimize your insults. Minimization is itself a manipulative tactic to keep from taking responsibility for one’s actions. As you often respond, “What me? What did I do?” Similar to pathological liars, minimizers refuse to be accountable.

For example, you insult and call it “wit.” You disrespect others and say “we all have family and friends with disabilities.” The gernalization does not excuse the specific. If you want to insult your own family that’s fine. But don’t insult me with your juvenile language.

We have gone back and forth with this chatter, and frankly I’m getting bored. I have often found life as an adult difficult when talking with a child, either chonologically or in your case mentally (wit, dang I have it too.).

You will find many General Conference addresses that speak of responsibility and accountability. I suspect that we’ll hear a few more this April. My suggestion, grasshopper, is that you take time to read, ponder, and pray about your role in our tete a tete and repent. I certainly shall; for though I’ve found pleasure returning insult to one who has insulted me and by extension many others, I’ve done so with an angry heart, and I believe you would agree that anger has no place in our Father’s kingdom. As you begin your repentant journey, may I suggest the following from Sister Cravens spoken at the April 2019 General Conference:

There is a careful way and a casual way to do everything, including living the gospel. As we consider our commitment to the Savior, are we careful or casual? Because of our mortal nature, don’t we sometimes rationalize our behavior, at times referring to our actions as being in the gray, or mixing good with something that’s not so good? Anytime we say, “however,” “except,” or “but” when it applies to following the counsel of our prophet leaders or living the gospel carefully, we are in fact saying, “That counsel does not apply to me.” We can rationalize all we want, but the fact is, *there is not a right way to do the wrong thing!

You are losing the debate. There’s an old Chinese proverb, “More words count less.” As Arkie said and others, you are over the top. This is what wokeness is. Yell more and louder because only you can be right. My comments were not a rib on disabled. They were on the lower thinking of U of U and now Boise college bantering. Give it a rest and grow up.

Thanks Arkie. You said it better than me.

Didn’t know it was a debate, All I saw was a insult “Utard” thrown at ‘Gone’ because you did not like his comment.

But instead of just saying, “sorry”, you dug in deeper and posted even more insults, which Gone returned in kind.

Neither one of you have “high ground” on this thread. Both of you went low, instead of high.

Arkie may be okay with the use of “Utard”, but having several special needs grandchildren, I find that word offensive and very disrespectful towards those angels who lighten each day.

Please refrain from using that word in the future.

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Everything you dislike, you claim is “wokeness”. Because people like to put titles on things.

The fact that he backed up his comment with a General Conference talk and then you call his comments “Wokeness”. Interesting…

Again, you don’t have the high road either. You are constantly banter others like me just to do it. And not in a kind way either. I’ll listen to fish because he actually can move on. Boise needs to move on. In no way did my comment belittle mentally retarded persons. I was taking aim at Boise’s continuing attack on Pope and Sitaki as low level thinking like U of U fans as a dig at our rival. Not attacking the unfortunate condition of anyone with disabilities. So, stop with the personal attacks.
Now, I’m going to get a cataract removed so I can see out of that eye. Everyone has their issues and we should be able to laugh at ourselves. Wokers are unable to.

Floyd_Edwards: “Arkie may be okay with the use of “Utard”, but having several special needs grandchildren, I find that word offensive and very disrespectful towards those angels who lighten each day.”

Arkie (me): I have seen that word “utard or Utard” bandied about many times on this site. Yet, it is now, the first time that someone (Floyd and Mr. Stan) roast hopper’s butt about it. Couldn’t be just a wonderful opportunity for an attack on hopper for personal reasons, now could it? Rhetorical question - the answer is yes!

I had determined to quit this site just because of this kind of rankor and nastiness but my curiosity got the best of me and I took a look and more foolishly commented.

And this Church is different than other churches? Really? Anyway, I will see what I can do to revoke my “membership” for this site.

But, you are my advocate. Don’t go. We enjoy your expertise as well. It’s just that they see me as their “Trump.” And have lost their sense of humor.

I was taking the high road, I explained the “debate” as I saw it, and asked that you refrain from using that term.

Said both you did not have an high ground to stand (which is true when you make insulting comments).

Outside of that, whether you want to justify yourself or not is up to you. I simply asked that you refrain from using a word that I find offensive.

Take it for what it is worth to you.

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Arkie, we have never seen eye to eye on many things. Which is why I believe you responded in this way, but you go back, you will see I have mentioned this myself multiple times. I for one, has never used the term and found highly offensive, especially now that I have several grandchildren on the spectrum.

I never attacked Hopper, I posted what I saw, and corrected Hopper for calling it a debate, when in fact it was not a debate on any level.

As for the Church comment, I am bit confused, I said that Gone had backed up his comment with a conference talk. Both Hopper and Gone seems to be LDS, so thought Scott’s comments were interesting. That is all!

Yes Scott, I do banter with other posters. For the most part, I try to avoid using terms that is disrespectful and demeaning. But Like all humans, I am not perfect. I slip up once and awhile, but I do try to apologize for my mistake most of the time.

The fact that Boise/Gone or whoever has questions about BYU coaches is a right that they have as a fan of BYU. Just like when I have said that Tuiaki is not a good DC, it is nothing personal, but the performance on the defensive side of the ball proved my point. Then all of sudden, Kalani demotes him, then sends him on his way.

What Boise said is very true, Pope did not grow up wanting to be a BYU HC, He did not come to the school when he had the chance, and he has stated multiple times that he would leave if a chance at Kentucky or Duke came up. That is all documented facts.

Add to that, a big portion of his players bolted from last year, WHY? ( I know you have a ready made excuse), but the fact that Pope could not sway one of the portal guys to come to BYU says a lot.

Pope blames the NIL deals, but “WHAT IF” it is more than that? Have you ever considered that maybe Pope might be the problem? There are rumors that is one reason Chris Burgess left for Utah. all rumors of course, so take it with a grain of salt.

Never made a personal attack, I asked that you refrain from using that word.

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