Pope "supper aggressive" in the Transfer Portal

I’m gettin’ “super tired” of the hyperbole. Just show me the baby already.
BYU coach Mark Pope will be ‘super aggressive’ in the transfer portal. Here’s what he’s looking for (msn.com)

Someone wake me up when we have something on paper to announce. Note; how many of our current roster stays?

BYU head coach Mark Pope says he’s losing out on recruits because school is ‘not on the cutting edge of NIL’ (msn.com)

As I have suspected all along. BYU is awash with $$ Cougarclub, find a way

Note that Pope’s frustration about NIL and BYU may be one reason he chooses to resign in the next couple of weeks.

Alright Utard. What’s your beef? You stuck in the MWC while BYU heads to the Big12?

Here is Popes news conference. It can be found on YouTube in the BYU Cougars channel.

First segment on NIL. 15:35

Second segment about NIL 22:57

The title is a little click baity for my tastes. He spent 20 seconds on that answer and another 5-10 minutes about the NIL and BYU. Yes, we have a challenge. I don’t think BYU is going to start dropping $100k on a player to entice then to come. Can BYU find a way to navigate NIL and still stay within its culture? I hope so and I think they are going after it. Pope spent time talking about the impact of nil for George and his foundation. Stewart also set up a business through nil. A lot of good things are coming from nil and don’t just have to be an upfront paycheck.

Pope also talked about transfer portal stuff in the same news conference. Basically he’s having weekly exit interviews with team members. Today is the second set of interviews and next week will be the third. It doesn’t sound like we will hear much until after next week.

Pope has also said he wants a few new transfers. We only have space for one. Doing the math means that a couple guys are probably on their way out.

He’s talked about keeping the core group together. So players that didn’t see a lot of playing time last year are probably high up on the list to go.

I feel ya. Recruiting to BYU is a nightmare.

Listen, ■■■■■■■, you got a problem. I don’t like personal attacks, butthead.

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My remark was censored, but if you look at your behind in the mirror, you’ll see yourself.

You responded to yourself calling yourself a name? Go troll somewhere else.

yup, that is my take. I heard that Waterman was "dealin with personal issues that caused him to lose focus on Bball. I am hoping that he transfers. No 6’11 guy should spend all their time on the 3 point line. Bad coaching for years, shame on these past coaches. I hope he transfers.

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Well, a 7 footer named Dirk played mostly outside and was successful. There’s a lot more these days that do. A ton of players in the NBA and overseas. Pope brought him in to pull bigs out from underneath. But his inconsistent shooting is the problem.
We need a big man to play the 5 position. If not, we need a really talented point guard who can be consistent and take over a game.

here we go again. Hopper, your attempt of humor fell splat. Apologize and remember you new year’s commitment. put yourself in Stan’s shoes, he took it wrong. It is up to you to not take it personal and when you have offended, understand that it is on you to see it, think it through, and even if you think they are being thin skinned. offer the olive leaf.

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Okay, I apologize for my quick funny wit that didn’t work. I’ll try harder not to be manipulated into my comments in supporting BYU and the coaches here.

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No, you commented to cover your position and then in the end, you stated that Pope brought a man or needs a person to help with the five position which is what I’ve been saying all along. Waterman is a waste of time when you have a team full of outside shooters. at 6:11 he should be helping Foose getting rebounds and working in the middle instead, he stood outside hacking up bricks along with the rest of the team. Richie Saunders should have been that fifth person because he will go down and work inside as well as get rebounds. Nobody else was willing to track down.

Saunders came along and looks like a great potential player. Knell will still be hard to beat out with his shooting potential.

I like Knell as a senior but he was never was much of defender. Saunders is on a whole different level…I will say this, good coaches choose experience or talent, at least, Pope should have, when he gave starter minutes to Hall over Williams and switched when we were in tournament time.

I hope Pope learned a fundamental lesson as we head into Big 12 play.
don’t full around with starting lineups once you get into league play and you play your veterans over anybody

Hey, Hopper, I attended the temple Saturday morning, and as I left I was filled with remorse about my response to you. Goodness knows your grass, rude, and idiotic remarks to all of us on this board are the signs of a probable mental disorder and should be seen in that light. You can’t help being the way you are. I’d love to apologize face to face; but since we’ll probably not see each other, I did the next best thing. This morning as I walked my dog, he squatted down to poop and I immediately thought of you. I uttered, “Hopper, I apologize.” Take care, and I look forward to reading more of your insights in the future.

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Too much.
Thought it might be the start of an olive branch

I’m really shaking my head on this one. It’s beyond the pale and in my view worse than anything Scott’s ever posted, which is saying something. Perhaps this is Boise “humor,” I don’t know. We all get offended from time to time, but it’s better to let it go and move on.

It’s been a frustrating season. Looking forward to the Big12 and the excitement that should bring. I can’t wait for football season, but probably won’t be checking in on CougarFan for awhile.