Pope, the best hire of 2019?

What say you?

No argument here.

My question is: after signing the ill-advised contract extension (c’mon, Tom Holmoe!), was Dave Rose convinced to take one for the team and retire? Or, did he decide to do it on his own?

I have a hard time seeing Tom Holmoe being the bad cop, just like I have a hard time seeing Sitake being the bad cop with his DC. I wonder just what made Dave Rose decide to step down after signing the extension.

Maybe it’s just as simple as he’s tired, and was ready to retire, but this didn’t hit him until he had re-upped. The whole thing showed me a lot about Holmoe that leads me to think he’s not the AD to take us to the promised land.

You speaking with clear tongue, my friend

There was so much chatter about fans wanting Rose gone but the word was that Holmoe had Rose’s back and it was Rose who chose to retire on his own. Rose said he felt it was the right time to retire.

Remember that Rose had 6 seniors and was going to have another good season…But Rose had also lost Childs to $$ and there was no chance BYU would make it to the big dance. I am grateful to Rose for retiring when he did, leaving BYU basketball with a pretty good framework for Pope to work with. Pope weaved a miracle team by convincing a 100% GONE Childs to come back and bringing in Toolson. BYU would have been a sweet 16 team, maybe a final 8.

Pope has just pulled off a recruiting cue with George and Haarms, these guys are as big of get as the Barcellos Transfer from last year.

You just don’t see these kind of guys (Barcellos, Haarms and George) in the WCC unless you are Gonzaga. I don’t know how Pope pulls it off.

As for Sitake, He is going to have to either fire Iliake or be fired himself. It is that simple. BYU can’t continue as a 50/50 team, fans will not stand for it. We lost 3 games on one or two calls last year and I am still fuming over how was puked out SDSU and Hawaii loses to end the year.

I think he’s taken us to the promise land and you just don’t recognize it :slight_smile: