Pope vs Rose, a historical

A few glaring differences.
Dave Rose always had highly rated offensive teams.
His teams were always good defensively during the Dance years of
2008-2012, then they just fell off the map 2014-19.

Pope has a top rated (16) offense
and a respectable (54) defense.
it will be interesting where Pope ends up at the end of the season.

If Pope continues on this tread, he’ll be getting some pretty good recruits looking at coming to play for him. I’m not talking Mr. Basketballs either.

What was interesting last night is that when subs came in, the defense didn’t drop off. That’s important as well as turnovers remain low or within reason, 6-10.

So, are you inferring that Pope will have 4-5 years of good defense then Cruz for a few year relying solely on offense?

What I find interesting is that BYU is 8-4 so far this season. That is a pretty decent record considering they didn’t have a legit post player (Baxter out with injury and Child suspension). and only one of those (Kansas) was a blowout loss. I don’t count Utah win because they had help from the officials.

That tells me a lot about the coaching staff and their abilities.

Pope and the players all talk about the focus on defense. I think that we can have the conversation on Pre-Childs and Post Childs.

Polls have made their observances. BYU jumped from the 60s all the way to #23 today after the Nevada beat down. I don’t think we can read into the Nevada win much as they rolled over and quit after about the 10 minute mark. I will also say that Nev’s size played to our strengths.

We lost the Utah game with 20 turnovers, not the officials. That’s my opinion but I know only your opinion matters.

That’s strange because their power ranking isn’t that high. It’s better and ahead of USU but not that high. I looked and I don’t see BYU on the either poll AP or Coaches…