Pope, worth every penny of his contract!

Soooo I have a story to tell. I was at my niece’s home (one of 10 children) playing holiday card games, some of you may remember that my brother died 2 years ago and now I am tagged as the Uncle/grandpa to about 30 of their kids. She is the makeup gal for BYU TV, particularly, BYU sports. She comes home with a little story that goes like this:

My Niece grew up in Belview, Wash. Her brother married a gal from Belview and they were down visiting my Niece ( you know, the makeup gal). She is over touching up Mark Pope and my Niece in Law hears him talking. She yells, “Mark Pope”? is the Washington Mark Pope? Turns out that Coach Pope was my Niece in law’s home teacher in Belview when she was a girl of 9 and Pope jumps up and not only remembers her but tells her that he is second cousins with…tada…my Brother’s wife (the makeup niece’s mother. So while I am not direct family with Pope, I am Family just the same.
How cool is that.

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