Portal Transfer Concerns

Any concern the very good players (TJ Martin, Kingsly, others) will hit the transfer portal after this season because want to be on a better team/better exposure and/or want much better coaching with a view to the NFL. Don’t want to overreact to a horrible game, but it isn’t just this game.

LJ Martin will stay. He’s fully committed from everything i hear here in El Paso. He and his family are loving BYU. Kingsley will probably go to the NFL. We will probably lose 1 or 2 just because we always do. So does everyone else. One to watch would be John Henry Daley because his brother has already said he’s going to the portal

Thank you. Sounds like just the normal/expected movement

BTW, last year we lost 20 players to the portal.

I believe we will lose a lot more because of the way the coaches coach and the players are not dumb, they know if they are going to the NFL, they need a coach to get them there.

Nobody wants to play for a loser, much less sit on the bench for a loser. It is obvious to every player on the BYU team right now that this is a bad football team. The coaches have a lot of work to do, not only to salvage one more win and a bowl game, but to convince these kids they won’t be embarrassed to play for BYU. I feel like an alarmist, but let’s be real–there is a very good chance BYU could get boat raced three more times this year and if that happens I bet we lose a ton of kids to the portal. As pathetic as it sounds, even competitive losses would be good at this point because they would make the players feel like we have a chance to compete next year.


JHD is 6’5" and physically is an NFL prototype edge rusher. His brother Michael is more like 6’1" and dominated in HS, but I’m not sure he was ever going to be able to physically compete at the B12 level as an edge. Losing JHD would be a big blow and I hope he stays.

Why in the world would Kingsley stay? That kid has to be counting the days.

LJM has been very good even with the most pathetic OL ever. If he stays he can be one of the great ones at BYU. I’m glad to hear that he and his family are loving BYU.

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I don’t think you are giving the players enough credit. Did Utah’s players cry like our fans are doing? Good grief…see that kid who turned down a million dollars from the LA Angels to go on his mission? That’s the players I want on BYU. Ones that keep commitments. Commitments to the Lord first. We have been getting non-members who are really great people who love the Lord. What makes BYU different?

Didn’t see this til after my reply post I just sent prior on the other topic. Thanks for reconfirming your source of bias.

What source of bias? Now you are attacking a young man who chose to serve the Lord than being bribed with a million dollars to not follow through on his commitment to the Lord?

Do you really read the posts? Keep digging that hole.


There will always be portal transfer concerns- get used to it. The problem with the defense is they aren’t deep at all. Injuries are critical and BYU can’t replace injured players without getting exposed. You are going to have to outscore everyone and with this OL, you better not bet anything. The thing that irritates me the most is, the OL acts like they don’t want to play hard. Going through the motions. Get me an OL coach the can light a fire :fire: under these guys and get them to play. We are going to get a look whether anyone on this team wants to play against Iowa State. BYU can beat ISU if they really want to come out and play and push the issue. I’m a Sitake guy, but you better start lighting fires under your players and assistant coaches or BYU is going nowhere after the season and will lose more good players to the portal

Do you always post stupid comments like this, that you know you can’t back up?

You personally have no idea what the Utah players says or thinks.

But to answer your question, YES Utah players gets upset about PT, coaching and other issues. Several players transferred to other schools via the portal last year (11), just like BYU (20).

Talking to my neighbor who works in the AD office for Utah, I can tell you that it is not all crimson roses at Utah.

Does that go for coaches promises to players they are recruiting?

I keep telling you that NCAA Athletic Scholarship are for “ONE YEAR” only and can be renewed each year for up to 4 years.

Some of the bigger programs like Alabama, Georgia, LSU, etc. offers multi-year scholarships, but that is not the norm at most colleges. I don’t see BYU doing that at all in the near future.

“For most student-athletes, athletic scholarships are awarded for one year only and renewed annually. However, many coaches and programs see one-year scholarships as not much different than multi-year scholarships, because they automatically renew them if the athlete has no academic or conduct issues.”

So, someone that does not go on a mission is not worthy to get a scholarship? Is that what you are talking about?

What about a kid that is not sure about “the Lord”? I joined the church and decided not to go on a mission because of family blowback, While I went to USU my freshman year, a friend helped me understand why I should go. Never looked back.

But I had not done that, I would not have been committed to the Lord like you are saying. Sad really, that you are so quick to judge the righteousness of another human being without knowing what the plan the Lord has for that person.

FYI, The Osmonds boys were told to not go on missions, but rather use their music to spread the gospel. Who told them that? President Spencer W. Kimball. They had a special on the Osmonds between sessions on TV.

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The post-game show was actually really eye opening. The fact is, the OL is not deep and ready for the amount of injuries that have taken place. We have players in positions they have never played before. The depth is the thing that must get better as the years go on. They simply don’t have players ready to step in.

Stop assuming you know what I mean. You haven’t so far. You pick parts and then try to exploit them to argue. So, you can scratch the entire comment you made. I’ve never said that.

And, your other comment about should coaches commit to the player for all 4 years with scholarships and commitments? If the player wants to stay at BYU without the scholarship, yes. And, some do. Like I said clearly, if the coach comes to a player and says he’s gone another direction and the player won’t get much playing opportunities, then the coach should let the player out of their contract. See, you didn’t see that. Or, you did and you couldn’t acknowledge it because of your Grasshopper Derangement Syndrome. Do try to get over yourselves.