Portland... the bottom of the conference

I’m not sure why he said it but one of the brothers thought this was a game BYU could lose. I don’t see that happening.

After the first 7 minutes I can understand how Portland has not won a league game this season. They are awful. BYU is up 6 early on but they could be up double digits easily. BYU hasn’t looked great but they don’t have to be to win this game.

BYU up 20 at the half… game over.

Takeaways from the Portland game:
BYU was up 30 with 8 minutes left in the game and he re-inserts Childs??? and leaves Baxter sitting???

After a minute or two, he puts Baxter in and then Colby Lee. I swear, Rose just wants to screw with everyone’s heads.

Now for the real Nitty-Gritty: Baxter was scouted hard and did not get the open looks, which I suspected would happen, but he did block that kid into the 10th row. And he got plenty of rebs that no one else was going to get. Going 2-3 and 5 points along with 7 rebs is what BYU needs. Meanwhile; Worthington gets his 2 fouls in the first minute…….:face_vomiting:

Childs is getting much better at the pass out after double teams. And the supporting cast of Cannon, Emery and Seljaas, all played solid ball. Emery especially because he and Haws compliment each other’s game like they have to 10 years now.

Emery gets his first start and BYU just seems to have the right 5 guys on the floor now (along with Baxter). Harding coming in off the bench also feels better for him.

Too bad for Hardnett reinjuring that hand. We really need him.

Not one Pilot got to double digits, our defense was very good.

I can’t say enough about how much better this team plays with Baxter and Emery starting. Guys can go to the hoop or shoot with confidence that Baxt will be there to clean up. Childs feels like he does not have to do as much and we are just getting better possessions.

not too worried about Pacific, then its the game that the entire season is riding on…@ SD. right now Vegas hass BYU as a 39% win. I have this game circled.

Don’t blame me! That was my little brother in less than the most stellar predicting moment of his life :slight_smile:

WHAT!!! Hardnett re-injured his hand? But Jim and the rest of the never Roseers said it was a conspiracy against Hardnett. That he never had an injury. Guess I was right all along:-)

I think that was big brother Tom who predicted a UP win. :slight_smile:

Or it could have been one of our other brothers: Dave, John, Steve, Bill, or Rob.

look, a month ago, I would have called it a loss. Just shows, Rose can only keep a good man down for so long…or he transfers.

LOL! He wants to keep a good man down. Nonsense…

Hopper - No one said Rose wanted to…he wants the team to be the best possible. I think he just gets caught up in poor decisions when it comes to playing time, rotations, etc. Some of it is that his assistant coaches are generally unimpressive “Yes-man” types. Also, I think Rose has friendships and alliances that likely cloud his judgment. He should really base his decisions on input from Cougarfanners. Ha ha.

You mean emotional arm chair quarterbacks. I have no problem with graduate assistants on the bench. Also, it’s not easy at BYU to get assistant coaches you would like. But, I like your idea of Rose hiring me. We would no longer miss layups and free throw :slight_smile:

It’s nice to agree on something.

It’s also nice that the team is playing better recently. It should be a fun end of the season. If we can win all the games except losing to Zaga twice (once in WCC Tourney), I will be happy.

@ SD
home with San Fran…We could lose any one of these three games
Massey ratings have the SD game as a 37% chance win, @LMU is 51% win and San Fran is 56% win.
Gonzaga at the end of the season, 4% win chance.

T rank has BYU losing all 4 games and winning the [email protected] game. I do think that Emery and Baxter coming on should change the odds by a few points.
come on, Baxter, you can be the game changer.

All three of them will be necessary. Teams have figured out how to play Haws and to a certain extent Childs.

I’ve noticed teams are really daring Yoeli to shoot the long 2 or the 3. He’s at 30.8% from 3Land. Not terrible. But as I’ve pointed out before, we don’t want our best rebounder 22 feet from the basket.

Those launches by Childs were a disaster. And on the road against a SD or LMU, it spells LOSS. Haws rushed all of his 1st half shots. They did settle down near the end of the second half with Haws trusting Emery and Emery playing soundly, Pulled away. Harding played his best game against Pacific. Played close to a perfect game, actually.

Guaranteed loss if BYU plays that way on the road.