Position Change

So it’s true, Hill is being moved from QB to RB. Practicing hand-offs with Tanner.

April fools?

I’m not sure. The picture was taken earlier in camp (I’m not sure by who) and I’ve seen it posted in other discussion boards. What do you do if your a coach on the other team and you see Taysom lined up behind Tanner?

Let’s look at what we know. The coaches are doing a fair amount of position changes, trying to get the best guys on the field at the same time. Taysom and Tanner are both extremely athletic. A large part of Taysom’s success comes from his ability to run the ball, while Magnum definitely has a better arm. His speed and size could be a great asset as a running back, especially with some trick plays where he could throw the ball.

On the other hand, besides Taysom and Mangum, we have very little experience at the quarterback position. Nothing to be exited about as backups, but plenty to worry about. We already appear to have great depth at runningback, with Williams, Canada, brown, Dye, Burt, Hall, etc. Would Taysom agree to something like this? When he had been considered a dark horse Heisman candidate as a qb? In the picture he is still wearing a green quarterback jersey. At most, I would guess that he has spent a little time testing the position for the coaches. I seriously doubt they would make any decision about this until the fall, when his foot has had more time to heal.

Or are the coaches just trying to throw a red herring at opposing teams who might be following BYU’s spring practices. Make the other teams prepare for something that might never occur.

First of all is this a picture from this year or 2015? Second, if this is in 2016, might they just be fooling around? Third, this was for April 1, so . . .

We have discussed the idea before that on certain downs or times that they do this. So, they would have to practice this. No big deal. If Williams is healthy, he has to be the RB. Williams is faster and a better RB. Hill runs well from the QB position.

As in the previous discussion I do find the senario very interesting. The senario of two very good QB’s on the field at the same time. the problems that it poses for opposing defenses is also very interesting.


Think about this:

Tanner Mangum and Tayson Hill on the field at the same time.
and at the same time, Hill and Williams on the field.

Wide receivers and tight ends both being used as receivers.

4-3 instead of 3-4 schemes where the line men can now get after the ball instead of just holding in pattern.

What can drive an opposing defense more nuts?

I love this exciting coaching staff,

Kay Morrell,

Interesting thought. Even if what you suggest my be the case, I think it is creative coaching. Kind of like having a poker face in Las Vegas. Don’t give away with what is in your hand.


Wow !!! interchangeable quarter backs and running backs always on the field at the same time with the defense never knowing which is which until after the ball has been snapped. Nobody on defense really knowing if it is Jaamal Williams or Tasom Hill has the ball on a reverse or double reverse play. No body on defense knowing if it is the wide receiver or the tight end that the ball is being tossed to. Nobody on defense knowing how the offensive linemen got to the ball so fast.

I see this coaching staff as being brilliant with no ceiling for any of them in sight. We have been blessed. It has been a long time since I have been so excited over the possibilities. I feel like I am in a time machine taking me back to the 80’s.