Post headings are what is missing

On the former format, when we would enter the forum, we could look at the string of posts and see a partial introduction to what a person is posting. There was a “title” to each post. From that, we could decide to check their post or not. What it did was entice people to open it up to see what the entire post is about. That was really great. That is what is MISSING in this forum. If you could somehow put that into this format, you may see more people post and continue conversations. Now, there is little posting going on.

Um, you just used one for this post. The only thing that needs changing is the newsfeeds showing up as new posts. Other than that it’s been a nice upgrade.

No, it has not been a nice upgrade. Less people on this site. Low amount of posts and conversations. I stand with my statement in what would improve the sight and create more conversations.

I agree with you grasshopper.