Post OSU game thoughts

When you play to just hang on you usually lose.
„Joey“ Retzlaff needs to GREATLY improve to be even an average quarterback. Hindsight is 20/20 but I think Slovis gave them a better chance to win
2nd half was a reverting to the thrashing games in the middle of this season - actually last two seasons
Defense actually played pretty well just couldn’t get enough 3rd down stops
Pretty disappointing season given sooo many opportunities to go bowling
Still would look for new off coordinator and off line coaches. Last two games should not save them from ineptitude of middle of season.
(And the wrong call vs OU btw.)
Hope Robbin’s comes back.
I’d go portal to at least try to get a another QB - might just get lucky and get someone exceptional.
One last observation- watching Retzlaff my mind flashed back to Riley Nelson reincarnated. Let that settle in your head

100% agree on all points.

Would have gone for it on 4th and 1 with 5 minutes to go. We just needed a 1st down to win.

As Tom said at the end of the game. Rex fumble to end the season sums up BYU football

Oh wow…

So many thoughts running through my mind. So many things I could say.

How a team can snatch two defeats from the jaws of victory against two top 20 teams from the same state in back to back weeks and miss the opportunity to go to a bowl game…

I guess that is all I can say. I don’t have the desire to say anything more…

Other than I sat in traffic between Vegas and Barstow and had to listen to the pain and agony as I experienced more pain in agony in stop and go traffic. It was an awful Saturday afternoon.

You may consider taking another route home. Would it be quicker to go up to Tahoe?

most hated drive in the entire US right there.

here’s my thoughts:
After BYU’s first Big 12 season, are changes coming to Kalani Sitake’s program? |

As stated, Sitake has one more year. ARod has to go along with Funk

Fink maybe. Not Arod

LOL ARod is not a good play caller, he has more than abundantly proved that at two different schools.

But yea, keep giving him a pass, with all your vast knowledge of football. :open_mouth:

I heard some things about Arod while he was OC at Utah, not very flattering with his credentials.

How long ago was that? And what rumors are you spreading about Arod???