Predict the score - BYU vs. Cinncy

This will be third duel QB in a row BYU has faced. BYU did a great job on Ark, Jefferson. We played well enough to beat a better qb (in my opinion) at Kansas (Daniels) but lost the game on 21 points scored by Kansas on TOs.
BYU vs. Duel Threat QBs, Toss up , BYU

Cinn. is very balanced on Offense, averaging 260 ypg in the air, 216 ypg on the ground. BYU average close to 300 through the air but a paltray 40 ypg on the ground.
Huge advantage Cinn…

But Cinn has struggled mightily inside the red zone.
Against OK, a paltray 2 FGs, While BYU has been 15 for 15 in the redzone, Cinn. just has not been able to get TDs after moving the ball up and down the field with ease. Big advantage BYU.

Cinn’s defense has been stingy, holding Ok. to 30 points below their average. BYU has equally been fairly stingy on D. advantage, toss up.

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Oddsmakers don’t want to touch this game with a 10’ pole. it would take a $130 bet to win $100. Cinn is favored by -1.5 pts. at the start of this week, BYU was favored at -2.5 pts. so who knows.

BYU is at home and will be fired up in front of the crowd, Cinn. is also NOT too happy having to fly west for a late game ( 10:30 their time) on a SHORT Week…big advantage BYU.

I will go 24-21 BYU.
What say you?

38 - 31. Same as Arkansas

I’ll go 24 - 13 BYU win.
I think our passing and receiving will be dominant and that wii open up the run a bit. Finally!
And hopefully!

Hey SoCal guys especially
SC vs Colorado
Will they try to out do the Ducks?
How about 53 13 trojans