Prediction for the won-loss record for the remainder of the season

Iffy win against Toledo;
losses against Mich. State, Miss. State and BSU;
iffy win at Cinncinatti;
win against SUU and UMass;
iffy win against USU.
Projected win total: 3 very likely and 6 more than likely than not.

If they get into a bowl game, against MWC team, this year, it is a likely loss. That would add up to a likely 6 wins and 7 losse record for the 2016 season. Hopefully by the 2019 season we will see faster and stronger athletes who can carry out the O and D schemes to such an extent that there are consistent double digit win seasons.

One more long shot (hopefully) prediction: if BYU does not get into the Big 12 Conf. they will abandon football within 5 or 6 years.

For Jim: Forgot to put this in the football section.

Ain’t life grand?

Prediction. We will see some Tanner in Toledo. We have to, don’t we? We are now a big ol after thought for 2016 and need to look forward to 2017 and Tanner time. All of this is sad to me because he has no playing time and he will show rust when he does get some in-game time.

More predictions, Nacua gets more interceptions in the Toledo game.

I was very impressed with the WV QB, he is smart, strong runner and can really hit the long balls. BYU holding them to 35 after 3 Hill interceptions was just short of a miracle.

Another big ol AGREE!!!