Preseason rankings, byu, 2020

Massey has BYU ranked 100
ESPN-41 and a 50% chance of dancing, Has the WCC as a 2.8 bid league, mostly on BYU’s 7 seniors I guess
Pomeroy has BYU ranked 72 and out.

I am on the record of BYU Dancing this year. Baxter’s injury sure put a damper on my enthusiasm but I think Lee has developed, Toolson and Barcello puts byu over the top. I think BYU gets at least a win over ranked Gonzaga and ranked SMC and that is enough.

Pretty much agree with you. If Childs didn’t have to sit out 9 games we would be good enough to make a run. In the exhibition we ran some high low with Childs and Lee. This opened others up for open shots. The defense will be key if we can stop bigger teams down low.

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