Presidential Elections

A friend was talking to me about the upcoming Presidential Election.

In his own words “it comes down to two bad choices”. This guy was a very in the know Republican who in good conscience support Trump for his various issues.

He likes Trumps policies, but believes he brings too much baggage with him. You can understand why he dislike Biden as well.

The thought that made me laugh was when he said "Maybe the majority of voters (51%) can write in “None of the Above” and force both parties to reevaluate. LOL

For the record, Pew Institute did a study of all registered voters and found:
25% of the voter are registered Democrats.
Just under 25% voters are registered Republicans.
about 2% are registered voters for other parties
around 50% are “unaffiliated” voters.

So it could be possible I guess that None of the above is possible, but not likely.

I will hold my nose and vote for Trump. Biden has never been the brightest bulb among politicians and now he is mentally compromised by reason of dementia. He is also not a wit above Trump character wise. The vast majority of the press is in the hip pocket of the Democrat Party and Biden’s scandals are ignored by the mainstream press.

One of the big issues for me is that Biden has enriched himself through shady dealings with Ukraine and China. Trump is an immoral scoundrel, Biden probably is as well, but as far as I know Trump never enriched himself through his office. He didn’t need to.

To me it is an easy choice between Trump and Biden and it should be for anybody else. If Trump had the self control to muzzle himself and let Biden continue to be what he is (an angry, demented old man) he would win easily.

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There are several issues why Biden must lose. We are losing our morals, ethics, standing in the world, sovereignty and individual freedoms including freedom of thought, speech and religion.

Biden is a piece of work. He ignores Christians and caters to the trans movement. When the Christian school was shot up by a trans person he largely ignores the whole thing and never reached out to the victims families. Instead he sent out his horrible press secretary who made a statement reaching out to the trans community saying very little about the victims.

He invited Dylan Mulvaney to the White House. He openly promotes the trans movement.

In foreign affairs he botched the Afghanistan withdrawal, he has made no efforts to broker a peace between Russia and Ukraine. He calls for a cease fire in the Israel/Palestinian conflict. The only way to
peace there is the complete eradication Hamas.

The economy is a mess with an overheated stock market the only bright spot and that will probably implode at some point soon.

He can’t make it through a speech without mumbling and often has problems finding his way off the stage.

Trump has character issues, so does Biden. Trump runs his mouth too much, Biden has trouble speaking so it is a wash in those respects. Trump is better in every other respect. Trump appointed 3 conservatives to the Supreme Court. Biden appointed a left wing radical who wouldn’t define what a woman is in her confirmation hearings.
I won’t ramble on anymore but I could continue to compare the two and Biden falls short in every respect.

He ignores the Supreme Court and says he will forgive student loans. His justice department and FBI target conservatives.

I would like to have seen DeSantis get the nomination but we are stuck with Trump and he is a far sight better than what we currently have in office.

I do understand why people have issues with Trump but Biden is a walking dead disaster and is no more likable than Trump if you pay attention. He has the benefit of NBC, CBS ABC, MSNBC and CNN pinheads campaigning for him as well as nearly all the major print publications that write about politics.

Given Biden and how brutal a president and person he is it should be not much of a contest EXCEPT a good share of republicans support trump - an immoral and awful person and the election is 50/50
Biden gives the republicans a true gift and republicans can can snatch defeat out of the hands of victory.
2028 can’t come fast enough. What horrible choices for a democratic/capitalis/predominately Christian country of 340+ million people

So, what did you think of John F. Kennedy?

He’d be a republican (policies) today given the Democratic Party currently
Nixon would have been better but Nixon as president was pretty good - until that, you know, little cover up problem
With a bit on hindsight Kenedy was a decent president.
Affairs galore but not assaults that we know of. Like Clinton trump and Biden

There was that thing about the death of Marylin Monroe. And, the prostitute pool parties even when his wife was home. The guy was worse than Trump ever could imagine. But then, he did stand up to the Russians and Cubans.

I don’t think your best defense of Trump’s absence of any moral character should be pointing to any other president’s morals. “But, but, but, look at Kennedy!!!” That’s like "Yes, I may have dog crap on my shoe, but at least it’s not the cow manure on your shoe. Bad argument from a bad position.

You, of course, missed my original point. The Republicans and Democrats have given us possibly the worst two choices for president of the United States ever. About every poll backs that up, by the way.

The difference with Kenedy, is, we really did not know about his affairs during the campaigning and election whereas the moral bankruptcy of Trump and Biden is well established and in most minds is fact.
But you keep blindly drinking that Kool-Aid that Trump is a pretty moral guy, maybe just a couple indiscretions - for which, of course, there is no “actual” proof. Riiiiiight.

As i said in the original post that over half the registered voters don’t belong to either party.

So my question is: Just because the party wants these two candidates, do they really think they can win over these unaffiliated voters.

i think that why no labels is gaining steam.

BTW, Trump is a narcissistic, self indulgent, immoral person… that is his good traits. :blush:

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Nobody can rightfully defend sexual assault and adultery but I get infuriated at Democrats who didn’t think Clinton’s immorality was relevant and then constantly harp about Trump’s. It either matters or it doesn’t. Of course it does. DeSantis didn’t seem to have any skeletons in his closet but Republican voters have rejected him in favor of Trump
and now we have two candidates that many people
are unhappy with and all you have left is the policies and abilities of the two men in order to make a choice. Trump’s policies were largely good
and Biden’s a complete disaster and you get the same policy disasters if the Democrats dumped Biden for Gavin Newsome or Michelle Obama.

You of course are correct about Trump but the only third party candidate who ever did much was Ross Perot and all he did was get Clinton elected.

It’s not a defense. It’s this constant harping on things many Presidents have been doing. To say people didn’t know about Monroe and other things isn’t true. Yet, he was re-elected. I’m voting for who will make America great and I don’t think The others who ran can do it at this time.

I’d like to also point out Trump has never been found guilty of sexual assault or rape. So why do you say he has? Being liable isn’t the same and it’s more up to a jury who mostly always gives the poor liar the money.

Floyd, while agree that a large portion don’t want either candidate and there may be a lane for a 3rd party like “No Labels” I think a high percentage of democrats - say 90% - will vote for Joe (Aros, as an aside, I too get so tired of everyone thinking Joe’s a good guy, good ol’ Uncle Joe. I’ve had Delaware friend tell me he is one of the worst, corrupt polititians ever, immoral, graft, deceit, blackmailing, union shakedowns - so share your sentiment) whereas maybe 75% of republicans will vote for Trump. 10% to Biden, 15% to write ins or just not pick one or the other.
So that’s to Bidens advantage. Trumps advantage is that Democrats will just not come out to vote.
That’s why it’s 50/50 jump ball between these two whereas a conservative Republican not named Trump would have a much higher probability of beating an extremely damaged Biden based on his age and disatrous policies.

Are the polls saying that? I don’t see it. I see Trump up by a good margin in swing states. People are tired of a lot of the nonsense. Not Democrats or enough of them yet. In a few months, the real election gets started.
We also need to see Republicans win big in both houses of Congress as well.

Some people did know about Monroe BUT it was not an election issue. Big Duh there. It… didn’t…matter.
Trump’s character and absence of morality IS an issue for many, many people. See the difference?

The other thing you can’t understand is displayed by your last paragraph. “But, but, but, Trump has never been convicted” That is the same as the Dems saying “There is no evidence Joe made $$ off a Biden crime syndicate with Hunter and James” Point is, in both cases 80% of the people in their hearts think that both Biden and Trump did those things. That is why it’s 50/50. This isn’t that hard.
You keep thinking Trump’s morality is just not that bad.

My point is, should even be near this close given how damaged Biden is, It’s Trumps character that keeps it close. We do not deserve these two choices.

and 90% of republicans will vote Trump.

so the question is, what will independents do? some lean left and others lean right.
Even my liberal friends feel the pain of Biden policies, but sure that is enough to overcome their dislike for Trump.

It’s you with the brain fart, not me. It’s okay that Kennedy or Clinton or anyone else can be immoral but TRUMP! NO! That’s where you are drawing the line. And, why hasn’t Trump been brought up on criminal charges for sexual assault? Because he is not guilty. If Democrats could win that they would.
As far as Biden’s corruption, there is actually evidence. But no DOJ will bring charges against Biden. Huge difference!

But it is very well documented that he cheated on his wife, then dumped her for his mistress, who was dumped for yet another mistress.

Just because he was never charged or convicted for assault or rape, doesn’t mean he is innocent either.

JFK was never charged or even the allegations proven true about Monroe death. Just a lot of conspiracy theories.

not saying one way or the other on both topics. just pointing out the fallacy of your comparison.