Princeton v BYU

Tough to say who will win this game.
There is a true paucity of information.
Princeton BYU last year hardly serves as a guide due to the large turnover in players and a starting to be unveiled new way of playing for the Cougs.
All the statistical models are pretty useless at this point because with only one game played by each team so far they are all heavily influenced by last years teams.

Princeton lost to a solid Butler team on the road in a notoriously difficult place. BYU on their own home court beat one of the worst teams in Division one.
Princeton played Butler pretty even except for a stretch near the back end of the first half.
BYU let down in the second half and played MVSU pretty evenly for the second half of the game.

BYU looks to have a considerably slower pace dialed up this year, which means they will be trying to play something closer to the Princeton pace. Is pace a plus for BYU the way it was last year…No.
Does BYU have the strong advantage of height and talent in the middle that they had last year…No.
Does BYU have the home court advantage like they had last year…No

Overall talent of players…BYU has marginal edge. Coaching talent BYU clear edge.

Close game…BYU probably loses by a handful of points. Though they may pull it out…It would be nice.

Was anyone able to watch this? I’m curious what the offense looked like? How did we respond their unique offense? Did anyone look lost?