Pro Day at BYU today

Anyone watch? Wilson threw well. Missed a couple of easy ones. Hit some difficult ones. Bushman caught everything. Simon did too. Milm, not so much.
SF 49’ers traded up to #3 in the pick and were there. Jets are still #2 and will probably pick Wilson.
Christiansen had a great day. Probably moved up to 2nd round. Wilcox ran a 4:31 40.

Dang I wish the 49ers would get Wilson. The Jets already have the dude from USC… I don’t want them to ruin Wilson too.

49er’s just traded for the #3 pick, If the Jets pass on Wilson, 49ers will pick him up.

Couple = more than two passes :rofl:

hmmmm… considering that Wilson had “Pinpoint accuracy and he completed 67 of 68 passes.”

As reported in the Deseret News.

There were more than 2 dropped passes. Milne bungled 2. Then, there were 2 overthrows that I saw. You can watch it on BYU Sports Nation Friday’s addition. So, you will see at least 4 non-completed passes. He looked real good. I’m afraid the Jets will take him.