Projected Starting Lineup

Alex Barcello
Te’Jon Lucas
Seneca Knight
Caleb Lohner
Atiki Ally Atiki
Trevin Knell
Richard Harward
Gavin Baxter
Fousseyni Traore
Gideon George
Hunter Erickson
Who does everyone else think will start Game 1?

S. Knight signed with BYU basketball program? Is it official?

A Barcello
T Lucas
T Knell
C Lohner
R Harward/ Baxter

The real question is…who will be the starters at the end of conference play?

Hunter Erickson is going to get plenty of minutes (dunked over Bol Bol)
Lucas could be the point or Erickson

If Atiki wins the starting spot or even if Baxter becomes the starter, then I think Knell is our 3. Firepower, baby

I would love to see what

could do together…

The bottom line is, who can drive to kick besides Barcello, Pope is counting on both Lucas and Knight as shot creators. Exciting times. Pope can go a lot of directions with this group

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