Proposal on New Coach

You can hate my guts or throw me a party, but after doing the reading and thinking on this, here’s my thoughts:

Dr. Robert Anae.

Mr. Boring, Mr. Predictable (or so it is said).

Let me tell you my reasons:

  1. I don’t care if he’s not going to be guest-hosting late night comedy shows. Just win.
  2. He’s smart. (note I threw in the “Dr” part).
  3. He knows the team—particularly the offense.
  4. Continuity. It’s obvious that Anae is allowing Mangum to progress thru levels of complexity in the playbook. If you jeopardize that now, you’re asking for trouble, especially with next year’s schedule.
  5. and last but not least: he’s a good friend of the East Carolina coach, the guy who just got canned. Ruffin, is it? Anyhoo, Ruffin and Anae are buds, wives are like BFFs. So here’s the thing. They coached as assistants at Texas Tech. There, Ruffin ran a tough D. He can here, mon. And he’s black, which can’t hurt with recruiting, right? And in hearing the guy talk, he sounds like he would fit in in Provo. So he tells the black guys he’s recruiting, “hey, man, I’m black, I’m not LDS, and I’m lovin’ life here. C’mon, join the party.” With Bronco leaving, we need a D guru.

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