Props to the Utes

they are destroying a very average Oregon team that is really over rated. I hate to say this but I might start rooting for them a little… not because they are playing so well, but because they go out and compete, the coaches have them prepared every week and they are creative. Best play of the night came after they threw a td pass to a tight end (imagine that, throwing a pass to a tight end) and held Oregon on the ensuing possession. So OU is back to punt and the return man for Utah starts waving for a fair catch as he runs to the left side of the field. All of the OU players are running toward him, thinking the ball is coming… but the kick actually goes to the right side of the field where another Utah return guy is waiting for it. The guy catches the ball and basically has one player and the punter to beat. Easy run for a touchdown and Utah goes up 55-13.

BYU would never try something like that and that is why I am tired of watching them play. After today… why would any fan want to watch a team that has no heart, plays predictably mediocre offense, can’t tackle on defense and has the most unimaginative coaching staff in the history of football?

It makes me sick to see Utah doing so well at the same time BYU looks terrible. Kind of a good thing that we aren’t playing them right now…

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Good place to write a last post. I agree with you about the Utes. They are better coached and have access to better talent. BYU is little brother and will stay that way for a long time. I am a BYU alum and a U of U alum. However, I can not get interested in the Utah FB program but I can recognize how they have upgraded. I will completely steer clear of Salt Lake sports radio stations. They were already (for many years now) pro Utah and anti-BYU but I tolerated it. I cannot imagine the commentary against BYU now. Even the DNews and KSL TV are transitioning to more and more pro-Utah. And I guess I cannot blame them really. Utah is by far the more “sexy” and sounder program.

It’s just a shame what our own KWitt has been able to do there in his time, man I wish he would have accepted our offer to come home. He is far away the best head coach in the state, and he may be the best HC in the PaC12

If the return man waved for a fair catch, which I don’t think he did, the ball would have been spotted at the spot that his teammate caught it and Utah would have been penalized for advancing a fair catch. It does not matter who signals for a fair catch, if the signal is made, both sides are required to honor it.

Utah is legit. No doubt. I would add that UCLA and Michigan are legit. Michigan’s loss to Utah doesn’t look so bad now that Utah is top 10. The Wolverines move into the top 25 too despite the loss.

With all of that in mind. I am far from giving up on the season. BYU has two losses to teams that are likely going to make some serious noise in their conferences. Sure Utah still has a tough PAC 12 schedule, and Mich has to play Mich St and Ohio St. There is still alot of football to play, and I still like BYU’s chances of getting 9-10 wins.

You are correct, he did not signal for a fair catch. He ran toward the left side of the field, looking up in the air and moving his arms like he was treading water, but never actually showed for a fair catch…

It was a very creative play but maybe one they should have used in a different game and different circumstance. They were up by 35 points late in the 3rd quarter… I’d be surprised if they pull it off again this year.

I agree he may be the best coach in the Pac 12, but I also believe he would do no better than the current BYU head coach, who has a more difficult job than KWhit does.

Bronco actually has the easiest job in D1, run a clean program and win more than you lose, and an Indy schedule guarantees that most seasons. It’s hard to get fired by BYU, very difficult to do.

run a clean program… geez, even BYU has a hard time with that one.

I would venture to guess that if every ncaa D-1 team were to be scrutinized with a fine tooth comb, nobody would pass that requirement. Every single one of them is dirty to some degree. They can’t be clean when the most important motivation is making money and winning.

But bronco does run a clean program, the second someone steps out of line, he doesn’t hesitate dropping them or encouraging them to withdraw from school. Job security is something he has as long as he puts the school before the players.