Props to Villanova

Preparatory high school that is. Yes, my alma mater won its’ first ever CIF championship in basketball this year by beating Chaffey high school in OT on Chaffey’s home floor! First boys basketball championship since the beginning of the school in 1924, it took almost 100 years.

The foundation was put in place almost 40 years ago when the team nearly upset the 3rd ranked team in the small schools division of CIF, Pasadena Poly on their floor. I was on that team and scored a team high 17 points in the 45-42 loss. That set the wheels in motion for what would come more than 40 years later, culminating in the first ever CIF title for the Wildcats… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Back to reality here, they lost in the second round of the state tournament tonight 61-60. :roll_eyes: :slightly_frowning_face: but it was a great season and fun watching my team. Believe it or not, we had wooden backboards back in the day and our locker room with permanently flooded showers was underneath the court. They have a nice, but small gym now and it will have a CIF championship banner hanging from it.

Go Wildcats! (actually another name for Cougars)

Huh? So, they didn’t win CIF? They lost 61-60 in the 2nd round? So, 40 years ago, on a cheap home court advantage with a three-quarter size court, you scored 17 points against a Jr. High team? Gotcha :rofl:

I knew you would respond first and I knew your response would be totally clueless.

The 61-60 loss was tonight in the second round of the state tournament! I said they won the CIF title, how can you be so clueless? or rather why are you so clueless?

Our loss in the CIF playoffs, small schools division (when there were only 5 champions in socal with 4a, 3a, 2a, 1a, and small schools) was in the quarterfinals against the #3 team in their gym. We had already won a playoff game. Pasadena Poly was a small schools (back when religious schools didn’t recruit) power.

I know I am saying this in vain, but try to keep up Hopper and don’t sound so jealous because you didn’t make the JV team in high school. :crazy_face:

I have lots of great stories about it, like how our starting center broke up with his cheerleader girlfriend on the bus ride down to Pasadena and didn’t score a point in the game. He did however go on to be the CEO of several nationwide restaurant chains.

I’m not going to explain it again… only the SPED kids get that chance, besides they are more fun than you any day.