Question and something to ponder

I heard the BYU announcers (can’t remember which one) said that the reason that the running game is back is because of Adrian Robbins finally being healthy.

This got me to thinking (I know that is a dangerous thought), Is it really because Robbins is healthy?


Is it because they shifted people around on the front line.
Mailie went from Center to Left Guard
Pay went from Left Guard to Center
Kiem replaced Etienne at Right tackle.
Etienne is backup to Lapuaho at Right guard (Which seems Etienne play has much improved at this position).


Is it a combination of both?

What are your thoughts?

Seems like I heard AR also “simplified” the blocking schemes. Most likely, it’s a combination of all those factors.

If the running game continues to be online this afternoon, watch out. I said at the beginning of the season we will end 5-7, but I’m optimistic about a win today. Go Cougars!

Robbins finally got healthy. He was not explosive early in the season. All the talk of his powerful frame and how strong he is was lost on all of us early on. He finally is the guy we were all sold on before he came to BYU.

I certainly agree that BYU’s O line has made changes and scheme changes but whatever, it is working finally.

We will see this afternoon in Stillwater.

All this talk about who gets the start, Slovis or Retzlaff.
Oklahoma State Unsure of Which BYU Quarterback They Will Face (

You have to go with multipurpose Retziaff, don’t you?
He had us winning OK minus “The Pass”, right?