Question for all... about missions

I had an interesting conversation with my daughter who chooses not to be active in the church at the current time.

she is a manager of a company that hires “Snowflakes” apparently that means they are between 18-30, not sure though.

She was complaining about their lack of work ethic, lack of remembering what they needed to do and the fact that if you get on them they had a melt down.

It slowly turned to the missions of the church, we had a local return home because of anxiety issues.

She asked me a question that made me think: “I know the church wants their missionaries to be well prepared scripturally and spiritually, but what are they doing about the “mental” side of missions?” Her comment was based on the fact that the young people she works for seems to not knowing how to deal with failure.

I stopped and had to think about that. I know the church has pushed reading the scriptures, going to the temple, living Christ like lives, but I am not sure if there are things that they do to help with the mental side of missionary work (Living on your own, pressures of success, dealing with rejection, etc)…

It seemed to me that I have been seeing more and more kids coming home for mental issues lately.

So I guess I would ask Jim or someone who is or has been a bishop if he has noticed the same thing and if they had what are they doing about it? Are we preparing our youth to deal with failure, rejection and sometimes loneliness?

I am not being critical or anyone or thing, I am concerned that some of our youth while being prepared spiritually, need help with the reality of missions.

Any thoughts?

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