Questions about BYU Rugby

I have a few questions about rugby at BYU. As I understand it, Rugby is a club team at BYU. Are all collegant rugby teams like Cal and Utah, club teams only? Are there rugby scholarships for any of these teams? Do other teams have players called up to the USA teams like BYU does. I expect Cal has but not sure. If rugby is a club team sport only, that must explain how a player can be called up to the pro level and later return. Does the university pay for rugby or are they totally dependant on donations?
I am finding rugby to be a great spectator sport, but have yet to attend a game. Just starting to understand the rules and terminology. As colleges drop football because of costs, which we will see happen over the 10 years or so, it definately needs to be mainstreamed.

I like the way these rugby players help our football team, at running back, as a punter, you name it. They bring fame to BYU and play for the fellowship with their teammates. I love rugby and those guys involved with it at BYU.
They are a credit to their game and to BYU.

Jeff: I am pretty sure that the BYU Rugby team is a club team. But I think that they could compete with the best of the NCAA teams. Polys are the bread and butter of rugby teams. It is their game. They play for the love of the game and for the honor of wearing BYU on their sweaters.These guys who represent BYU as a club sport in rugby are to me what college sports should be all about. Perhaps the BYU rugby team might become a P-5 power in their sport. Anyone for a match with Alabama?

Sorry Bamma, you will lose big time like 99-0. Go Rugby Cougars!

Yeah for Rugger Johnny L. Not only is he a rugger, but he kicks foot balls too. OH yeah, he can run with the football too. YEAH Johnny!