Questions for those in charge of Investments for the Church and for BYU

1 Are sports no longer worth the effort to continue at BYU?

  1. To what degree, if any, is BYU Sports important?

  2. How many of the decision makers are ready to let the Cougar football
    program burn out and self destruct?

  3. How long will it take to end meaningful sports at BYU? Will it last until the
    2024 season?

    Will it last after the 2024 season if we are not invited to a P5 conference?

  4. Will someone with Authority please talk to us regarding the thinking regarding
    the state of affairs with BYU Football and Basketball?

  5. Will someone with authority, please tell us that:

We are not quitters.
We are not going to let the program die.

We are going to be more committed to excellence than ever before and that committment will start with the purse strings, and perhaps apologizes if needed where needed.

It is obvious that we need to do some fence mending if we are going to be invited into the Pac 12/14 or the Big 12.

Conferences are like elephants with extremely strong memories. Bad feelings will not go away without appropriate apologies.