Quick Comments On W. Soccer and Volleyball

Soccer team appears to have the same problem every year (outside of Hatch’s and Vasconcelos’s senior year) and that is – they have no one that actually has the skills or leg to score goals. Last night was a great example with chance after change to score the first goal and nothing - not even a shot worth mentioning. These girls just have no knack for getting their foot or head into it and actually hitting the goal. When they do get a goal it’s almost as if it was by accident and just pure luck. Either Rockwood can’t teach those skills or she hasn’t been able to recruit ladies with those skills. Good enough to compete in conference but one and done after that if they make it that far (which I doubt they will this year).

Volleyball team has some serious talent and if they can receive well and get a bit better at blocking (a bit weak so far this year), they can go a long way. Tonight will give them some indication of where they are at. If they don’t do it this year, it’ll get harder with the talent they will lose after this season. Roni is special and and Lyndie, Lacy and Sydnie all help power this team. Too bad about Hamson - that would have really helped in matches like tonight. Hopefully she can get it all back next year. The basketball team will be affected way more than the volleyball team by her loss and they are now looking at a really tough season (for which I predict a losing record).