Random thoughts

Listening to the podcast of the Coach Rose show from earlier this week.

Terry Nashiff will be gone as soon as he can find a head coaching position someplace.

LJ Rose would likely be a good assistant. He’s seen three programs now, two of them with superbly run programs. His health will not permit him to play a full professional schedule even overseas, with the possible exception of China. But even that is iffy given his health history. Does he want to coach?

Assuming Nashiff is gone quickly…and does well…his coming back to replace Rose in 4-5 years will be the future of the program.
The best programs tend to bring in coaches who’ve already done time at the place or are simply promoted from within. Rose has done well enough that emulating those programs will be a good idea.

Here is another thought, since this is the “random thoughts” category…

When you guys start a new thread, make sure you start it in the basketball category or if it is football, then the football category before posting your comments. If you don’t then it gets pushed into the uncategorized and gets locked so nobody can respond to it.

Just a random thought…

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