Rant: BYU's admission and scholarship announcements

So, the Church is still the Lord’s Church even when directed by imperfect beings guided by the Holy Ghost. Therefore, BYU is also the Lord’s University and directed by imperfect people directed by the Holy Ghost. Of course, the Godhead allows us to make decisions so we can learn too. I’m just surprised the Holy Ghost hasn’t tipped in a few baskets for BYU. What do you think :upside_down_face:

Now BYU has Coke all over the campus. Come visit and enjoy. :smile:

Have you seen what it does to a pound of hamburger meat? The ghost of BRM will keep you up all night :slight_smile:

There was no reason to do that. If you had really understood what I was talking about you wouldn’t have bothered. It’s just that you are looking for things to argue about because you make it so easy for me to do it, yet you struggle to find something wrong with what I write and you end up grasping at straws.

You do the same thing when I use an analogy. I just think the Nazi thing was way off base to compare with BYU. Any reasonable person would agree :slight_smile:

You obviously didn’t understand and I am done trying to explain it to you. The people who understood, and that is pretty much everyone else, had no problem with what I was saying. Floyd knew exactly what I was doing so he is obviously more astute and aware than you are.

Are you an alien from another planet?

Lol!! I guess he is a BUG from Men in Black.

So, you drag others in to your bad analogy. Safety in numbers like Nevel Chamberlain but wrong. Just admit it’s a bad analogy.

Same to you but more if it. Your mother wears army boots. Cut low… why the childish behaviors?

My son officially declined BYU’s offer this morning, and accepted Northern Arizona’s. It came down to the difference between completely free college, including room and board, versus half tuition at BYU but on the hook for room and board. NAU has a good institute program and several student wards.

He has to save up for his mission, too, so his earnings need to go to that.

One of our ward members daughters just got accepted to BYU Provo and is very excited. I don’t know it she has any scholarships or not. She too will probably go on a mission.

Congrats to your son,
I remember President Hinckley encouraging people to go to college close to home and do institute.

Room and Board in Provo is not cheap, and from what my friends daughter told me, it is hard to find places because UVU is pretty close as well.

Saving for a mission and going to college is not an easy task, but it will teach your son so many lessons about finances that you can not learn in school.

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Good for him, excellent decision. I like the institute and student ward perspective.

I hate that people are distinguishing between acceptance from BYU-Provo and BYU-Idaho. BYU-Idaho is now being looked down on as the lesser of the two, which is a shame. Unfortunately that is where we are, as a church, in many ways…

Well, the difference is BYU Provo has a football team with a distinguished basketball team. Much more excitement in Provo.

Who has a distinguished basketball team? 3rd place in the rec league? You must be talking about Gonzaga🤔

You aren’t really up to speed on what is going on, are you?

With the high quality students applying to BYU because they want to be there, it screws up any sense of balance for kids who want to get into the Y just as much as the high level students. It also screws up many athletes who want to come to BYU but can’t beat out the high level applicants. This sort of makes BYU the Vanderbilt of the WCC or indy.

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So… in other words they can’t get a football or basketball team that is anything more than average? Yes, I guess that is the case.

Well, at least I’m not in conspiracy lala land unable to see what really is going on for the future :star_struck:

Yes, you are in lala land. I have a question for you and am curious to know the answer. If pure capitalism is the way of Heavenly Father, why doesn’t BYU and the church pay their coaches more money or pay their professors more? You know, to give them what they are “worth” in order to get the “best” people at BYU?