Reasons why BYU, in SEC country, beats Ark

Kudos to PMac and Hopper for predicting a win. I on the otherhand had us losing the entire game, even after we got the lead, I had us losing. (thanks #64 on Ark. Oline)
Top reasons for the BYU win:
1 to get down 14-0 can come back, impressive, maturity.
2 Robinson, you had the easy duck and you muffed it
3 We all gotta thank #64 from Ark. for single handedly giving BYU the Win. Thank you and pass the gravy
4 Slovis is really good and really high on some bad throws. B+… he looks for Rex too much. Where was Hill tonight?
5 that single handed catch by Roberts, ESPN worthy.
6 Our defensive 4 got push after push on their 6 all game long. LOVE HILL’S DEFENSIVE SCHEME. ARk only got 2 big plays all night and one was for 82 on a busted special teams muff.
7 Bywater and Tooley were everywhere.
8 Martin is our RB, end of story.
9 Our Oline needs a lot of work to get the running game going (it was the reason why I could not give BYU a win, still have big questions. Caleb Etienne is not very good.
10 The fr. Parker Kingston receiver had himself a big game. # 82 from Roy Ut. He throws a TD, He runs back to kickoffs, one out to the 45. and 3 catches. big night.
11 we knew the trick play was coming, I think he have scored every time that receiver pass has been run.
12 Did I say, Thank you for #64 from Ark?
13 If anyone would of asked me, “will byu win with only 204 yds passing and 77 yds. rushing, I would say, NO WAY”. shows how good our defense was.
14 a win like this gives BYU street Cread and confidence.
go Cougs.

Spot on comments Fish. We adjusted to their speed after getting down 14. Again, taking out Etienne #76 was key. He was a matador. Not being mean, just too slow. I don’t know if that can be taught.
One of the most resilient BYU games ever I think - to be down 14 and later down 10

Defense came up big when it had to. Aside from the botched floater that should have been intercepted. And, #62 on Arkansas is going to have nightmares.
14 penalties is something I think BYU made them do. It wasn’t supposed to be a close game.

self inflicted. #62 is a team captain. On any other team, he would of been benched after the 1st offense, instead he was left in and cost Ark the tying score and most likely the win. 3 big plays on the final drive killed by his mistakes.

I failed to mention that BYU got 4 QB sacks in this game. 2 on the final drive. Really gives me hope for Big 12 play.
BYU football: 3 takeaways from Cougars’ 38-31 victory over Arkansas - Deseret News

So I fly all day….get home at 12:30 in the morning…had no idea what had happened. Sat down to watch the game and oh what a game it was. It truly had some of everything. What an entertaining game! Yes our offense looked pretty bad way too often, but the D gave us turnovers, forced penalties, disrupted Arkansas every time we needed a play. Just a great college football game between two good teams. Arkansas showed great sportsmanship and this coach is nothing but class. What a game!

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What I observed with 62 is that he was getting beat by one of our d-linemen on every holding call he committed on that drive. If he hadn’t been holding his qb probably gets sacked and that’s a loss of down in addition to the loss of yardage. I think the push our D-line was getting forced those holds. Too bad for 62 he was having difficulty blocking our d-line.

Exactly! Had he not held they still wouldn’t have moved the ball. Great points. BYU simply beat them.