Recruiting big pickup

I tend to be on the side opposite of Floyd on this issue …… but still with him on most other issues.

Hopefully we can express our opinions freely and still be friends. I am sorry Floyd deleted his post. I wasn’t offended by anything he said but I disagreed with a lot of his first post. He is a good man.

To give some proper context to my post, I will quote the post he deleted that appeared in my email, “I don’t throw that term out loosely (racist) I have many friends of Polynesian descent that do not like the term “Poly”. They find it offensive.”

If I am wrong, then I will apologize."

No need to apologize. There doesn’t always have to be a right and wrong to every discussion. Everybody doesn’t have to agree with you. I wouldn’t say he was wrong except implying Jim might be racist. I interpreted the post as saying Jim made a racist remark. I am sure everybody has at one time or another. Does that make them a racist, whatever that is?

I don’t usually have an issue with Floyd. I may yank his chain a little once in awhile but I do it because I like him. I tend to tease or give a hard time to people I like. I have yanked Fish’ chain on several occasions and he loves it. I think it helps develop and solidify friendships. I have been jawing with the Hopper for years and we are friends.

I have never intentionally posted or intimated anything that I would consider racist. Like I’ve said, I don’t understand the term racist or racism anymore. I believe like Aro does. In fairly recent years I have seen the meteoric rise of the polynesian football players in college and the pro ranks like no other. I remember as a kid wanting to go see a local high school player from a nearby city play football. His name was Toa Saipale and I idolized him because he was big and fast and strong and he had a big afro (is that racist to say?) that came out the back of his helmet. I think I was 10 years old. I believe there is an “all poly” high school all star football game here in California every year and probably other places as well. Are there players that refuse to play in the game because they are offended by the term all poly? I don’t think so, but maybe I am out of touch. If so, somebody better let these guys know about it.

I’ve never really understood or had any inclination to feeling different or acting different because of someone’s race or skin color. I find it bizarre that someone would, especially when I have always felt and believed that we are all God’s children and not one of us is better than another for any reason.

I apologize if my comments were offensive. I am sorry that I wasn’t able to read Floyds post before he deleted it. I don’t get offended much but I am disappointed on occasion. Maybe I am a bit naive but I am who I am and I respect and love everyone. We are all children of the same Heavenly Father and that is how I see it.

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100% due to Jay Hill and notice all recruits are defensive. Is it time to be nervous yet?

Whoa, Star QB? As in Bohanon? Easy there champ. When I looked at his highlights, showed me he was very athletic with a very average arm.

Floyd also apologized to Hawks after the post.


I have no problem calling my Poly friends Polys. Before any game I ever played, I would go get to know the Polys. Trust me on this one. If there is ever a fight. they all fight together and you better be on the right side of it.

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There were a lot of Poly’s that were down at the LA temple during the whole proposition 8 situation. Lots of people protesting but nobody was gonna mess with the temple or the guys guarding it.

One of my most positive feelings about the church and gospel is that we have distinct cultural and racial groups who are very family oriented and love the gospel as well. The polynesian people are a big plus and bring a huge positive image to the church.

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I have close relatives who are polynesian. They have told me that the term poly is offensive to them. They felt it was used as a slang or racist term. It may be a situational because of the area they live.
They prefer being called Samoan or Tongan, but i explained it would be hard to do that for most Americans.

Thus, my comment is based on what the polynesian people have told me.

If I offended anyone, then I apologize to them.

as for sports, I learned to never to play volleyball with the Polynesians, it was just too brutal being smacked in the face with the volleyball, that is even with my hands up, because they hit with power. Ouch!

Just don’t call a Samoan a Tongan (or vis versa) at an international rugby match.

I think everyone here has his heart in the right place. One love.

D: Jay Hill smoked it, signing several consensus 4 stars on D, Alexander III also 4 star by some accounts. BYU’s best defensive class EVER, and among the best overall signing classes ever-because of Jay Hill.

O: Steve Clark signed one 4 star. Then Arod fired him. ARod didn’t sign a single high profile recruit on O.

Sooooo, ARod manages to put a terrible offense on the field, fumble his recruiting, and keeps his job.

Yes I’m nervous.

Does that sum it up?


That’s not really fair. There are 4 Star players coming off missions meaning we didn’t need as many. The transfer portal will also bring in much needed help for the offense. Bohanan is just one so far.

Yeah, it’s critical to limit the number of 4 star players on a team. I’m sure that is every coaches goal.

Unbelievable logic.


We did fine. We actually did get a couple of 4 Stars for the offense. The big thing is the transfer portal will bring in what is needed as well. Including a former 5 star QB.

I totally agree with you Tom!

I totally agree that you agree with Tom.
Could we get John Beck to be the OC? and Austin Collie as our reciever’s coach?

Why don’t you ask them? :wink:

Too big of a “Cut in Pay” for Beck :open_mouth:

BTW, did you see who was at the basketball game? Joe Flacco with Dennis Pitta and Austin Collie.

Why was Joe Flacco at a BYU basketball game? - Deseret News

the reason why I said Austin Collie, he would be amazing at receivers coach.
Don’t think it would be a pay cut on Beck. Know him. Big time fly fisherman

What he gets paid for his clinic vs what BYU will pay him for OC? Not sure if that would not be a downgrade in paid.

Apparently, Flacco has a cousin that goes to BYU. Coool!

fun to dream