Recruiting big pickup

ksl listed 2 4-star recruit pick-up’s(

You saw my post about Bohanan coming in? What do you think about that! I like it if he can stay healthy.

It appears that if you are a poly from Utah you have a pretty good chance at getting a scholly to play at BYU. Let’s hope it pays off for the Cougars. I’m glad they got a couple players from the bay area too. BYU needs a well balanced group, not just all of the 2 and 3 star recruits from Utah.

This was a good year in Recruiting. 4th best in the big 12 I saw. Have a star QB to make that position competitive.

Wow, both racist and judgmental in one post…way to go Jim.
Just curious, have you ever asked a Polynesian if they like being called a “Polly”? My friends who are of Polynesian descent prefers to call by the full name, at least that is my experience with the culture.
We all know your hatred for all things “Utah” is well documented.

Second these two “Polys” are from the Bay area, not from Utah…

Third, these two boys are 4-star rank player by 247 Sports, which does not look at where the kid lives to determine the caliber of player they are. They have multiple offers from some big named P5 schools, but for some strange reason they choose BYU.

Finally, Utah is getting to be known for producing some great football players. Several have gone to other P5 schools.
Sewell brothers (Peni -Oregon-Lions, Noah-Oregon-Bears, Nephi-Oregon-Saints)
Star Lotulelei-Bingham-Utah-Bills
Puka Nacua- Washington-BYU-Rams
Xavier Su’a-Filo-UCLA-Bengals
Jaylan Warren -USU-Steelers
Noah Togiai-Oregon State-Eagles
These are just some examples of just how good Utah high schools has produced great football players. I only listed the Polynesians because of your comment. But there are several others who are now playing in the NFL (47 to be exact).

So time to get of “Let’s hate anything from Utah” train Jim.

I know as being Jewish the first 24 years of my life, there is a difference saying “He’s Jewish” versus He’s a Jew. Three more letters makes a difference.
I don’t think Jim is racist. Not a rumor that should be spread. He simply likes to get cute with words and expressions laziness than fully explaining things.

I will be honest; I have had a lot of training lately about “being sensitive” to how we use words.

Based on that training, I may have misread Jim’s “intent”, but in communication, your “intent” is not as important as how it is “received”.

If that is the case, then I apologize to Jim for my comment.

This world is getting so “PC” and “Woke”, Don’t know what is up or what is down anymore.

Just look at the boarder. It’s what the liberal Democrats want and the spineless conservative Republicans.
I think sensitivity training is woke. Now, harassment training is better. Just respect people even though you don’t agree with their beliefs or lifestyles.

Not necessarily, I feel we can stand up for what is right, without being combative.

That’s what I’m saying too. Just don’t harass people unless you are on a political forum :rofl:

nice to see no 2star recruits. Also we picked up 2 4star guys (I don’t count collage transfers) that’s good. recruiting class improved by over 20 places. best recruiting class for Kalani, all good signs. But can the coaches bring a winning attitude and scheme that will make the team better this year? I have my doubts.

The fact that we have better players, a lot if them returned missionaries, the coaches can develop better schemes and game plans. I’m sure you have coached at least high school ball in any team sport. You then know that one scheme for a higher talent, ability, game IQ and just IQ doesn’t work for another group of team players at a different level. When I had a higher level team I could do a lot more different offenses and defenses than a lower level team.

Wasn’t BYU ranked like #5 in the BIG12 for recruiting? This should boost them up the ranks.

we were like 13th last year, but depending on who you look at (i looked at rivals and on3) we are ranked 6 or 7th this year.

yes Grasshopper higher football IQ of the players allow you to do have a more complex scheme, but I am not convinced that the players are dragging down our scheme. also I haven’t seen a Kalani team that has the fight in them to win. they seem to think if they show up they will win. If you don’t have that then it doesn’t matter how smart or talented you are, your not going to win.

We will see if the offense and defense will have better and advanced schemes because of the better talent.

Once again, completely misunderstanding and judgemental in your reply. Cut it with the racism nonsense, you have no idea who or what I am. What I wrote is factual, it has nothing to do with racism or judgemental nonsense you are claiming.

Stop acting like a liberal bleeding heart who cares. They are the people who started it all and continue to fan the flames of this supposed racism that everyone is yapping about all the time. Hopper is right in his belief that I am not racist. Most people don’t even know what that means anymore, they just like to use the term to attack another person when they feel “offended”.

I have never, nor will I ever, accuse someone else of being racist. They already know if they are…

I make a couple statements of fact but in reality I don’t care if every player on the team is a Utah redneck yahoo. Just as long as they win and represent the school and church with honor and integrity. I apologize if I think having balance with a variety of players from different backgrounds will help the team accomplish those goals. BYU lost several games last season that they should have won and they didn’t address the problems, they scapegoated some coaches in my opinion and refuse to do what is necessary to make it right and get better. I think the reasons for it lie in the reality that they care more about looking out for their buddies (good boy network) and some ongoing nepotism (has been an issue) and are afraid to do what is best to have more success. That is my opinion.

I told the Hopper I was done with this board because it is a waste of time. I keep coming back like a moth to a flame, but I can’t figure out why.


Because you love us!

When I hear somebody throw out the word racist I generally do an eye roll. It is often used as a substitute for an argument, or is used to
damage somebody’s reputation, or used as an excuse for bad behavior. Some black public figures when caught in criminal behavior will accuse their critics of racism. We see it daily. It is used as a get out of jail free card. I am sure some may see my comment as racist.

If you criticize a homosexual you are a homophobe, if you say women have different strengths than men you are a sexist, You are an Islamaphobe if you don’t say Islam is a religion of peace. A transphobe if you won’t play the pronoun game. All of this nonsense has made it so a lot of people won’t tell
the truth about certain things or express certain opinions.

I don’t know if I am a racist or or not, as a lot of people would define it. I don’t care if some people thinks I am a racist and I don’t worry about it. I try to treat people fairly and with kindness. I am certainly not what is called an anti-racist. Racism will always be with us until the millennium and one reason it will be with us is because those who scream
the loudest about it need it as an excuse and want division in our society because they benefit from


That’s all correct! And the more we treat others with more kindness than someone else, I think we are all the above mentioned. Just treat people the same regardless of their problems they think is happening to them. Just like in basketball. If something is called on one end, call it on the other. Equality, not equity.

I don’t throw the term out at all. I think it is largely meaningless these days. Using a term like “Poly” wouldn’t make somebody a racist unless they were purposely using it knowing it was offensive. I don’t think I have used it, but I wasn’t aware it was offensive and certainly could have used it, and may have. When I attended Snow College over 50 years ago they had a lot of polynesian football players. I would hear students there refer to them as “pineapples”. I am sure that is offensive. I understand you can no longer refer to Asians as orientals because it is offensive. I am not sure why. I have noticed that over the years the goal posts are constantly being moved by the special interest group advocates to ban certain terminology and that way if you innocently use a term that has recently been deemed taboo you can be branded as something, racist, sexist, phobe of some type, etc and then they can cancel you. It is hard to keep up. I hope somebody’s head doesn’t explode at the word I am about to use. Until the 70s the word “Negro” was considered perfectly acceptable. Now you can’t use it. I used it in this post with some trepidation but the word actually means black. I don’t use it anymore except to give context to a conversation. Later Afro American was the preferred term and then it became unacceptable. I don’t think Chicano is acceptable anymore. At one time that was the preferred term for Mexican-Americans. You can’t say the N word under any circumstances even when quoting somebody in context. It is considered worse than the most vile blasphemy. I agree it shouldn’t be used 99% of the time, but Joe Rogan (I think it was him) was nearly cancelled because he quoted somebody using the word. That is absurd. Some have tried to have the word removed from Mark Twain’s novel “Huckleberry Finn”. That sounds like censorship to me from the crowd that wants vile LGBTQ porn in school libraries. If you oppose it you are accused of being in favor of book banning. No you aren’t a book banner. People can buy the garbage if they want to, but it has no place in school libraries where children can read it. Adults shouldn’t read it, but they can choose to read what they want and face consequences. You can’t oppose trans drag shows and story hours for children, but don’t expose them to classic literature. It is all twisted and evil and it is done intentionally by persons with an evil agenda.

There is an attempt to bludgeon many of us into submission to the woke agenda. Government is pushing it, corporations are pushing it, most of the media is pushing it, the education community from kindergarten through grad school is pushing it, the entire entertainment industry is pushing it, and the sports world is pushing it. What isn’t being pushed is telling the truth and living by Christian virtues. A false religion is being pushed and many people’s far left politics is their religion. Marxism is not only an economic and political philosphy it is a vile, godless, false religion. Read Marx, the philosophy is entirely based on materialism, there is a denial of God, abolition of religion, an advocacy for the abolition of the traditional family, and state control of the means of production and wealth, and no private property rights. It is in the Communist Manifesto. The result is no individual rights and a total submission of the individual to the state and the collective. The way to achieve this in a poor nation is by violent revolution. In advanced western societies you achieve it incrementally taking over institutions, dismantling the culture and rewriting history.

Just be kind and Christlike as best you can. If this was the attitude of everybody, and I am nowhere close to being a good example of it, nobody would be concerned about offending anybody and people wouldn’t be taking offense at things they shouldn’t be.