Recruiting the Portal

I now have new concerns with how Arod does his job as OC. First, he cannot call a decent game, nor adjust during the game or at halftime.

Now in recruiting the Portal, he offers a QB from a non P5 conference when there are other better QB’s in the portal.

BYU Football Offers Transfer Portal QB From Ohio University (

Seriously, recruiting from Ohio University? What the heck is he thinking?

Who knows, he was MAC player of the year in 2022 and was offered by 2 P5 schools. The MAC is very comparable to the Mountain West, maybe a little weaker. I am sure BYU also has to consider who might be a good fit considering the honor code. Lassiter was from the MAC and he was quite good this past year. There have been a lot of good QBs make the NFL who didn’t play at P5 schools. We can hope BYU did its homework and decided he was the best possible fit.

A few of those P5 QBs BYU has no shot at. Gabriel from Oklahoma is leaving but his OC whom he played for at UCF is also leaving so he is probably going to follow him. There is a backup at Alabama but he said he was going to transfer somewhere to play lacrosse. There are others but who knows if BYU has already looked at them and decided they wouldn’t be a good fit.

One issue is that if he does sign he only has one season of eligibility. So if he is good BYU will be looking yet again for a QB.

So, what does that do for us? getting a bunch of “one and done” QB’s?

What about the QB from Iowa? is he not better than this dude? BTW, he transferred to Utah State.
Or the fact that a former Bingham high school lineman who went to Baylor is transferring to USU? Did BYU even go after this kid?

Why not go with Burton? He is a redshirt Freshman who according to several experts has a large upside. We are going to have some bumps and bruises, but until we get the QB tunnel moving, we have to live with it.

I guess my concern is based on the past three years that ARod been OC and QB coach.
Can you tell me one QB that he has recruited that has turned out that did not go through John Beck QB camp?
Conover - washed out and transferred.
Romney - “Retired”
[Maiava-Peters, Sol-Jay - Academic issues, transferred.
Beau Hoge - never utilized. Just ask his dad.
Critchlow - Never developed into a good QB.

All these guys were highly recruited players that had “hugh” upsides coming out of High School, they come to BYU and wash out… The common demoniator: Aaron Roderick was their QB coach.

You are full of what ifs today. Why assume BYU hasn’t extended offers to all of them. Just because they are going elsewhere doesn’t mean we didn’t extend an offer. You are throwing out red herrings to bash Arod. That’s really low. Relax and not look so much like a democrat :grin:

Because not one of the others has offers from BYU on their portal recruitment. If you look at the portal tracker, they post who has offered the players.

The QB at Iowa (Spencer Petras) is transferring to Utah State, seriously? That is a move down.

Tell me one person that ARod has recruited and developed that did not go to John Beck camp?
Conover - washed out and transferred.
Romney - “Retired”
[Maiava-Peters, Sol-Jay - Academic issues, transferred.
Beau Hoge - never utilized. Just ask his dad.
Critchlow - Never developed into a good QB.

All these guys were highly recruited players that had “Hugh” upsides coming out of High School, they come to BYU and wash out… The common denominator: Aaron Roderick was their QB coach.

John Beck training made Hall and Wilson, not ARod!

Maybe the Iowa QB is sexually active and doesn’t want to repent and become celibate. I’m being facetious. But really, why question his reason? He just isn’t interested in BYU. So why offer? As Sitaki says, we want athletes who want to be here.

The Iowa QB looked positively AWFUL to me.
That said, I don’t like BYU signing a QB with one year left. But we have to remember that Arod is desperate and knows his job is gone if we don’t win next year—so there isn’t much upside in him playing Burton or recruiting a younger guy.

And after watching the team play this past season, why would anyone want to be here? Who wants to play for a team that has no gameplan? That throws out random plays at random times that make no sense? What is the culture of BYU football right now? So many lost opportunities this past season to make a splash and statement in the Big 12 and from my perspective BYU failed miserably. 5-2 to 5-7 and basically throwing away every potential win during that losing stretch was terrible.

If I’m a college football player who wants to play for a winning team that has focus, purpose and direction, would I want to go to BYU right now?

Probably not.

The glass is half empty. Nice…

I am with you on the downside of one and done, but the Ohio QB did have a great year in 2022. He could give us us one good year but that is a stop gap measure. Even if he signs it is no guarantee he will start. BYU needs to develop talented freshmen players, and more importantly recruit freshmen talent and keep it. The portal and NIL is making it extremely difficult for schools to develop depth. A lot of talented backups just jump ship now to go where they can start. Even guys who can start often leave for better NIL offers.

College FB and Basketball players are now professionals and can make the best deal where they can play right away and where the big NIL bucks are. Just look at the point guard BYU got through the portal who left before playing a game because K State offered him a better NIL deal and the NCAA had no problem with it even though K State was his second transfer within a year. The NCAA has this silly rule that a kid can only transfer once within a year if he is a freshman who hasn’t played yet and that is why Marcus Adams isn’t playing right now for the basketball team. What is the reasoning behind that?
Since the NCAA has basically determined college athletes can be free agent pros they have created a mess they are trying to exert some small level of control over. They created the chaos. I see the transfer rule for freshmen as arbitrary. It looks like they create some of the rules to remain relevant.
If I am wrong on my understanding of the transfer rule somebody please correct me. It is also my understanding that the rule affecting Adams is new this year. So it looks like the NCAA arbitrarily pulled that one out of their butt to maintain some control over the chaos.

Unfortunately BYU has to play the NIL and portal game. NIL and the portal have ruined college football and basketball as amateur sports. We now have to view college athletes as professionals and coaches have to recruit with that in mind. It is unfortunate.

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So did Ratzlaff ladt year. look how that turned out.

I don’t blame Ratzlaff, i blame Arod .

That is why BYU wont get the better talent. they wont endorse the NIL free market.

I just posted this on another link. But it takes 3 to 4 1/2 million dollars for a top-notch QB through the portal. Think about that now you know

Well, Otani just signed with the Dodgers for $700 million. It’s really getting out of hand. People need to stop attending sporting events and watching on TV for a few years and watch the prices go back down to attend games and the salaries to go down. But, as a society, we worship the athletes too much for this to happen any time soon.

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Maximus! Maximus! Maximus!
Athlete worship has always been part of the human condition.

Dillon Gabriel over $5m to go from Ok to the Ducks. The NCAA wants us to believe that no coach from Oregon said a single word to Gabriel about NIL before he signed? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I have NO PROBLEM with free agency in college sports. It is what it is. My problem is with the NCAA’s abject hypocrisy. Any sports fan knows the NCAA doesn’t investigate stuff like this, yet they will spend untold thousands of dollars on “investigating” Marcus Adams–in 2019 the NCAA spent OVER $55 MILLION ON OUTSIDE COUNSEL. The longer they drag it out, the more money their lawyers bill, and the guys at the NCAA get more perks and are more than happy to spend somebody else’s money.

The NCAA president knows how bad he looks, so comes right out and says lets just toss out the current rules and call them all employees, making every P4 player a true free agent:

I’m sure Tom or Chris knows which qbs have looked promising, that we haven’t seen yet. If Burton has the arm and the accuracy, then Retzlaff next year and you have Burton for 3 years. It’s really difficult for a quarterback with zero experience to come into a system like BYU and be lights out successful. It took most every quarterback in the history of football at BYU, longer to be a greatly successful at quarterback their first year. Not sure about the hire from Georgia Southern-maybe good, maybe not so great. Maybe someone has input and I don’t want to downgrade the guy before he has a chance, but the OL was the real chink in the armor this year. Dominate run game next year and Retzlaff most likely has a good year.

Corruption at the highest level.

Well, here is our dilemma in a nutshell